'We Did Gangbusters Here': APS News Spotlight from StampShow 2019

'We Did Gangbusters Here': APS News Spotlight from StampShow 2019

“We did gangbusters here this weekend,” Jim Dempsey, owner of A&D Stamps and Coins of Walnut Creek, California, said Sunday. “It went very well, really super. We have 17 chairs (for customers) and they were filled 90% of the time.”


Last weekend, the American Philatelic Society brought its annual StampShow back to Omaha for the first time in 83 years, inviting stamp dealers like Dempsey, local and national collecting clubs, the U.S. Postal Service, and stamp collectors from across the country to gather in one space for the biggest stamp convention of the year.

The last time the stamp show was in Omaha for its national convention was in September 1936. This year, the American Philatelic Society and the American Topical Association collaborated on the four-day show that began Thursday at the CHI Health Center in Omaha.

In their coverage of the show, the Omaha World Herald interviewed Dempsey and his wife, Sue, who were honored by the American Philatelic Society on Saturday with the third annual Dealer of the Year Award. He and Sue have operated A&D Stamps and Coins for 60 years, and it is regularly the most popular booth at any stamp show. Dempsey attributes a case of tonsillitis at age 6 for his love of stamps.

“I had my tonsils out and my sister felt sorry for me,” he said. “She went down to the Woolworth’s in Berkeley (California) and bought a little paper stamp album and the Golden Galleon Mixture of stamps. Golden Galleon, that name alone was adventurous.”

Image: Every seat is filled at A&D Stamps and Coins. American Philatelic Society

Read the full story from Omaha World Herald writer Kevin Cole: 'We did gangbusters here': After 83 years, American Philatelic Society Stamp Show returned to Omaha.

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