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American Philatelic Society Names New Editor

APS & APRL Richmond, VA Meeting Minute Drafts

APS Board Mtg., Aug. 2
APS/APRL Joint Board Mtg., Aug 2
APS General Mtg., Aug. 5

APRL Richmond, VA Board of Trustees Mtg. Minute Drafts

APS and ATA Will Join Forces at 2018 StampShow

New Book on U.S. 20th Century Postal History — ‘Prexie Era’

American Philatelic Society Announces Dealer Advisory Council Results

Schedule for upcoming APS Board Meetings


Sept. 14: Detecting Philatelic Forgeries, Milwaukee, WI. Prior to Milcopex.

Oct. 12: Mail Handling During the 19th Century, Ontario, CA. Prior to Sescal.

Oct. 26: Philatelic Research The Library and Beyond, Bellefonte, PA. Prior to UNExpo17.

Oct. 27–28:   UNEXPO17, Bellefonte, PA

Educational Events - see upcoming courses and seminars.

October 27-28
American Philatelic Ctr.
Bellefonte, PA

Show Program

AmeriStamp Expo
February 23-25, 2018,
Birmingham, Alabama

Exhibiting information is available.
American Philatelist

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