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Scott Classic Specialized Catalog of Stamps & Covers 1840-1940

By Jay Bigalke, Editor-in-Chief. 1358 pages plus 50 introductory pages; thousands of full color illustrations. Published by Amos Media, November 2019 (26th edition). ISBN:978-89487-578-6. Available from Amos Media, 911 S.Vandermark Rd., Sidney, OH 45365-4129.

Reviewer: Gus Riachi

[email protected]

APRL Locator: [CATALOGS Scott]

The stamps of Saudi Arabia are popular. They appeal to topical as well as Arabic and non-Arabic speaking collectors. Also, they are of interest to investors. As a student and expertizer of these stamps, the stamp catalog that I recommend for the collectors of this area is the Scott Classic Specialized Catalogue of Stamps & Covers 1840 – 1940. Whether one is a novice or a specialist, the Saudi Arabia section in the classic catalog is user-friendly. It has an easy-to-use key for its listings. One only needs to locate the stamp by finding the illustration. Once the stamp is located, the catalog provides the date of issue, the watermark (if there is one), the printing method used, the perforation gauge, the Scott catalog number, the design number, the denomination and the color/colors of the stamp. Also, the listing provides catalog values of the stamp, both used and unused. Prices are listed for hinged, never-hinged and no gum stamps. Prices are also given for stamps on commercial and royal covers. The listing shows the reader the different varieties of the stamp, to include overprints, surcharges and handstamps, and assigns retail values for all. Another great feature about the classic catalog is that editorial notes are provided at the end of the various listings. The editorial information provides additional factual details that would be important to the collector about the stamp or groups of stamps. For example, the editorial notes may state that numerous shades exist or that forgeries exist so collectors should beware. The editorial notes can also tell the collector that imperforates exist, forged perforations exist or to add 50% for varieties in mint, never-hinged condition, etc. The classic catalog lists officially issued Saudi Arabia stamps that are not listed in any other stamp catalog. For instance, the stamps with Scott numbers 55 through 58M are only listed in this catalog and nowhere else. Also, values for stamps on covers are only listed in this catalog. Whether someone collects the stamps of the Kingdom of Hejaz, the Sultanate of Nejd, Hejaz – Nejd or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the classic catalog contains more information about the philately of Saudi Arabia than any other stamp catalog. With all the information the classic catalog offers, it makes the collector of this area love the hobby.