A used stamp shines light on Chinese postal history in new Exploring Stamps video

A used stamp shines light on Chinese postal history in new Exploring Stamps video

Dive into Chinese Philately with Exploring Stamps

"Philatelists are essentially historians. In order to really appreciate stamps from a country or region, you need to know a bit about that country or region's history."

China part 1 1923 stampIn this episode of Exploring Stamps on Youtube, host Graham Beck reaches into his box of stamps . . . and pulls out a used stamp from China. The deep blue 1923 stamp, which reads "Republic of China" in English and Chinese, features a farmer reaping a field of rice, with a Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests in the background. Graham takes a moment to thank the philatelic community on Twitter for helping him translate the cancel, which is upside down and displays the city of Hankou, which was established in 1921 until 1949. 

So begins the first of a series of two videos exploring the history of China through stamps. The Republic of China stamp that Graham pulled out to begin this video is a perfect example of how stamps can illustrate and shine some light on a country's complicated history (not to mention geography) and changing values.

The beauty with China is that its stamps very clearly capture that history.

Watch the first part of China Postage Stamps by Exploring Stamps now, and tune in later this month to see part two. 

About Exploring Stamps

Graham Beck has been the host and producer of the Exploring Stamps YouTube channel since 2016. The online video channel is dedicated to the promotion of philately through short entertaining videos. Since the channel’s launch, Graham has attracted over half a million views and gained a global following of almost 7000 subscribers. Graham’s interest in philately started as a child growing up in South Africa where he enjoyed collecting new issues with friends. After rediscovering the hobby as an adult, he began producing videos to share his passion with others while demonstrating what stamp collecting has to offer. From Apollo missions to Icelandic Volcanos, the channel has covered a number of fascinating topics related to philately, often involving travel and special video effects. Graham is based in New Jersey with his wife Laura who eagerly takes part behind the scenes with her nifty camera work.

See more videos by Exploring Stamps here.

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