Requesting an On-The-Road Course

An On-The-Road Course is a great addition to your World Series Philately Show. To request a On-The-Road Course for your event please fill out the form below at least 6 months in advance. The APS will then contact available presenters and try to schedule one for your event. Your organization will be responsible for providing a room, a projector, and a screen for the course. The APS will contact potential presenters, manage registrations, add the course to the online course listing, and reimburse the presenter's expenses. The APS reserves the right to cancel a scheduled class in the case of insufficient registration or a lack of available presenters. 

Your organization is responsible for:
  • A room for the course to take place in
  • A projector for the presenter to use
  • A screen for the presenter to use
The APS will:
  • Contact potential presenters
  • Manage course registration
  • Add the course to the online listings

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