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Summer Seminar

Summer Seminar on Philately is a once-a-year opportunity to expand your philatelic knowledge and meet others who share your passion and interests. All courses are led by philatelic experts who are accomplished writers, exhibitors, experts, dealers, and specialized collectors.


June 21-25, 2020


Registration will open on January 1st 2020

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Registration will open on January 1st 2020

1942 cover sent to a civilian internee in Vichy France. The addressee was eventually sent to the death camp at Auschwitz.

Introduction to U.S. Postal History

A 2-Day Course Presented by Jeff Shapiro

Wednesday, June 24 – Thursday, June 25, 2020

Covers, like postage stamps, have stories to tell.

Course Description:

Use clues hidden in plain sight to decipher a cover’s secrets and tell its story. Explore rates, routes, and modes of transportation as you discover the fascinating world of United States postal history. Aspects to be studied include; marcophily, aerophilately, RPOs, military mail, censorship, and much more.
Become a story teller as you use research strategies to discover the history behind the people, places, and businesses linked to your favorite covers.

Intended Audience:

Anyone wishing to understand the complexity of postal history and to use this knowledge to unlock the stories hidden within seemingly common looking covers.

Meet the Instructor

Jeff Shapiro

Jeffrey Shapiro has been a collector since age 6 with philatelic interests in US Twentieth Century postal history.  He is a 30+ year member of the APS and has served on the APS Board of Vice Presidents since 2017.  Jeff is a member of four Boston area stamp clubs as well as the Collectors Club of New York and the Collectors Club of Chicago.

A gold medal winning exhibitor and writer, Jeff became a nationally accredited APS judge in 2000.  Jeff is the Vice President of the United States Stamp Society, Board Member of the Spellman Philatelic Museum and for more than 24 years, Chair of Philatelic Show, an APS WSP national show held annually in Boxborough, Massachusetts.

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