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2021 Summer Seminar Online June 7-25, 2021

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A Course Presented by T.G. Rehkop

Wednesdays June 9, 16 and 23 from 1-2:15 p.m. EDT

Precancel collecting is a field large enough to suit the fancy of any collector.

Course Description:

Whether you choose bureau prints or some of the 42,502 types listed in the Precancel Stamp Society’s Town & Type Catalogue of the United States and Territories, there will certainly be an area that piques your interest.

The idea of precanceling stamps dates back to the very beginning of using stamps as prepayment of postage, with the earliest documented U.S. precancel produced in 1844 by Hale & Co. During the study of U.S. precancels, live their history and discover their many facets. Enjoy examining their many types: U.S. bureaus, locals, classics, electrotypes, printed dateds, handstamp dateds, silents and more.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover a new collecting specialty.

Meet the Instructor

T.G. Rehkop

T.G. was introduced to stamp collecting sixty years ago by his grandmother, who started him on a worldwide stamp collection. He has been a member of the Precancel Stamp Society since 1982 and is currently the secretary, as well as a past president and vice-president. Additionally, T.G. is the Precancel Society’s database manager. He is also the publisher of the 8th edition of the Town and Type Catalog that was released in March 2019 and the Catalog of United States Bureau Precancels that was released in April 2020. Rehkop is a veteran precancel instructor, having taught at the APS Summer Seminar several times.  

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