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2021 Summer Seminar Online June 7-25, 2021

Registration Opens May 1st

This year's Summer Seminar Online will offer eight 3-session courses exclusively for APS members. Six different "Free Friday" sessions will be open to both members and non-members. Click on the tiles below to learn more about each course and be sure to check back often for more details! For more details about registration and acitivities check out Your Complete Guide to Summer Seminar Online. Registration opens May 1st.


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Remotely Speaking: Getting the Most Out of the APRL’s New Online Catalog and Digital Collection Database

A Seminar Presented by Scott Tiffney, Director of Information Services

Free Fridays June 18 from 3-4 p.m. EDT

Course Description:

As the library continues to grow the David Straight Memorial Philatelic Union Catalog and APRL Digital, access to the resources of the APRL has never been easier. Attend this session hosted by Scott Tiffney (APRL Librarian/Director of Information Services) and hear about the progress of both databases and learn more about how each resource can better inform and support your collecting and philatelic research. Along with answering your questions about either database, we’ll go beyond the basics and explore some of the more detailed resources of both.

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Scott Tiffney, Director of Information Services

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