Summer Seminar Frequently Asked Questions

What is Summer Seminar Online?

Summer Seminar Online is a once-a-year learning opportunity appropriate for beginning to advanced collectors. All courses are led by philatelic experts who are accomplished writers, exhibitors, expertizers, dealers, and specialized collectors.

What are the dates for this year’s Summer Seminar Online?

Summer Seminar Online will run from June 6 - June 24, 2022.

What courses are being offered this year?

Course descriptions can be viewed on-line at or downloaded here. Contact the APS Education Department at 814.933.3810 or if you have any questions or need help.

How much does Summer Seminar cost?

Cost for an individual, 3-session course:  $25

Cost for an individual Featured Speaker Presentation: $5


Cost for an All-Access Pass (access to all 7 courses, all 12 Featured Speaker Presentations, plus APS coupons worth $50): $150


What is included in an All-Access Pass?

If you purchase an All-Access Pass you will get access to all Summer Seminar Online courses and all Featured Speaker presentations. There are 7 courses and 12 Featured Speaker presentations in total, along with a 'Talk 30' after every course session.  You can either join the sessions live, or watch the recording after Summer Seminar Online ends.  All course and presentation recordings will be added to your C3a account.  Additionally, you will receive coupons for more than $50 in APS products/services!

When can I register?

Registration opens on May 1 and it closes on June 1.  You can register for individual courses or Featured Speaker presentations, or you can register for an All-Access Pass.  All registrations will take place using the C3a learning platform "eCommerce" site. 

What is the schedule for Summer Seminar Online?

To learn more about the schedule of Summer Seminar Online, go to the Summer Seminar Online homepage at .  On this page there is a calendar with all of the courses and Featured Speaker presentations.

Where will Summer Seminar Online classes be held?

All of Summer Seminar Online courses and Featured Speaker presentations will take place virtually using the Go-To-Webinar videoconferencing platform.  Any course or presentation for which you registered will be added to your C3a account for future viewing.

What are 'Featured Speaker presentations'?

Featured Speaker sessions are presentations given on a variety of topics related to philately and collecting.  These presentations are an hour long and will feature speakers who are experts in their fields.  Here is a pdf of all of the Featured Speaker presentations happening during Summer Seminar Online: Featured Speaker Presentations list

Do I need to sign up for Featured Speaker presentations separately?

Unless you purchase an All-Access Pass, you will have to register individually for each Featured Speaker presentation that you wish to attend/view.

Can I watch course sessions or Featured Speaker presentations after they end?

Yes, purchasing a course or a Featured Speaker presentation provides you with access to their recordings.  Session recordings, and their handouts, will be added to your C3a account and you will have unlimited access to them.

When is the Online Auction?

The online auction will open up on Friday, June 10 at 8AM EDT.  It will then be open until Sunday, June 26 at midnight EDT.  This will give Summer Seminar Online participants over 2 weeks to make bids on items listed!

I still have questions, how can I get more information?

Contact the APS Education Department at or call 814.933.3810.

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