StampStore FAQ

Can I list more than one country on a sheet?

Yes, but be sure that is the best way to list your item(s). If you have something of worth or something that would better sell as a single item, list it with the proper country. The system is set up for one country selection per listing which allows for easy search capability. If you wish to include a few topic related stamps from a different country, you would want to list the main country in the country field and be sure to list in the description field that the listing also includes a few items from the other country. Or, if you include several countries on a sheet, you would need to list as Worldwide – but again that is only recommended for a large grouping of mixed country items.

What is important to include in the description field?

Subject and flaws are the key points when describing. Customers want to know what they are getting and assume they are properly identified. So it is very important to do your homework – examine the items thoroughly (front and back) and be upfront with the descriptions. A basic subject of the stamp is a good idea as many beginner or topical collectors may search by a subject – the Scott Catalogue lists a basic issue title before each stamp, consider entering that in your description. Next note hinging, thins, creases, pencil markings, pulled perfs, etc. Do not include Avg., F, F-VF, XF in your description — this will not be included unless a certificate confirming that grade is supplied.

How do I price the material?

Material submitted by most sellers falls within 40–60 percent of the Scott Catalogue values. Our more successful sellers price their items below the 50 percent level. Faults, such as pulled perfs, thins, tears, scuff marks, no gum on mint stamps, etc., should reduce the asking price. For example, do not expect to sell a stamp with a rounded corner for more than 20–25 percent of the catalogue value. If you price items higher than other sellers, your sales will suffer in comparison to those who use the above pricing guidelines. Click for additional help for pricing and mounting material

Do my items qualify for "Premium"

We created the Premium Designation as a way to feature the higher valued, flawless items and allow for them to be easily searched. These items will be accompanied with the Crown premium icon - See Full details

How do I mount larger items that do not fit on the front of the submission sheet?

It is recommended to affix the item in the large box on the top half of the form using a clear mount (preferably those sold by APS – they are closed on three sides and provide the best security from loss or damage). Do not use hinges, or cloudy glassine materials. When affixing a set, each stamp must be visible. If the item is too large for the space provided, consider using the clear page protectors placing the submission form front on one side and the large item in the back side so that it is visible for scanning. Or properly mount large items on a separate sheet of paper and attach it to the submission form. If any tape is used for affixing your mounts, we recommend Scotch® Magic™ Tape which allows for easy peel off so the stamps will not get damaged when trying to remove the mount from the submission sheet. Click for additional help for pricing and mounting material

Can I sell a collection through StampStore?

Stamps sold through the APS StampStore are sold on an individual basis or for small sets within the same country – each item is mounted to or attached to a submission sheet. We do not sell full collections or volumes, shipping would be much too high and we could not take responsibility of the contents of a collection/volume since we do not have the resources to photograph the entire collection. We do however have sellers that will describe and sell an individual “album page” of stamps as one item. This allows for a scan of the entire album page as one item therefore the buyer can see what is being sold. Of course you would be required to complete a submission sheet for each album page being sold - described and priced accordingly for all items on the individual page.

Can I sell counterfeits or forgeries as reference material?

StampStore does accept forgeries and counterfeits to be sold for reference material as long as the items are clearly described on the submission as such and the backside of the stamps must be marked that they are a counterfeit or forgery.

Why am I receiving so many returns?

Many returns are the result of misidentification, flaws not being described, and our biggest reason – hinging improperly listed. If you list items as “never hinged” and they are in fact “hinged”, this results in a return, an upset customer and in many cases your Seller ID being flagged by the buyer vowing never to purchase your particular items again. So it is very important to examine the items thoroughly and list all known flaws with the descriptions – you don’t want buyers to feel that they have been deceived. Handwriting can also cause problems. Sellers may feel they included a good description, but if the staff cannot read what was written, it is not included.

When should I consider reducing prices? How do I change my prices?

If your prices are competitively priced when first listed, you may want to wait awhile. Otherwise, consider price reductions quarterly. You can reduce prices individually or in large groupings by a certain percentage or dollar amount (instructions are available). If you really want to move the items, be sure your prices are between 40-60 percent of catalog when first listed and reduce by 5% every 6 months. Pay attention to your listings and when they are within 30-45 days of expiring, you may want to consider one final discount. See instructions to reduce prices.

What is my Seller ID used for and where can I find it?

Each seller is assigned a unique seller ID. All items available for sale on StampStore include the seller ID which allows the buyers to be able to search for other listings from the same seller. Seller identities remain anonymous unless of course you wish to advertise your seller id. The seller ID is located in the MyStamps area right beneath your name. Log in at, go to MyAPS, and select MyStamps in the upper blue tab area. Many sellers wish to use Stampstore like their own online store and advertise – so the seller ID can be helpful.

How can I advertise my StampStore items?

Advertise Your StampStore material to promote your sales! All sellers have a seller ID which can be found in your MyStamps area. Sellers can advertise through the AP Classifieds. Sample Classified ad: “Selling Italian Colonies & British Colonies visit and enter Seller ID 502981”. OR, if you have a website or want to send an email to potential customers or friends, request a special link that will take buyers right to your items!

Do I have a seller account where I can view my items and see if they are selling?

Sellers can view their stamps and current status any time by logging in at and going to MyAPS - MyStamps. From the main MyStamps screen a recap will display showing the number of items available for sale, returned, Sold w/ payment pending, sold/paid, items in expertizing, etc. From this screen the seller can click to view/edit their material which provides a drill down search function to check on particular items, statuses, etc.

When and how do I receive payment for items that sold?

All items available for sale on our online store have a 30 day return period which must expire before proceeds are issued to the seller account -- so items will display as "sold/payment pending" for 37 days. Once the 37 days has passed, we push sales proceeds to seller accounts and issue checks/statements once a month around the 15th for all accounts that have reached the $25 check threshold.

Can I relist items that didn't sell?

Once returned to you, you may decide you want to try relisting a few of the items. This is acceptable BUT you need to take into consideration there may be a reason the items didn’t sell the first time. Are they competitively priced? Are they properly described? Does the StampStore already have a large supply of this particular item? If you do decide you want to try posting the items again, you may submit them with a new batch cover sheet paying .20 per item since they will be a new listing for 2-3 years – ***be sure to leave the StampID label in the upper right corner, this will make the relist process go much faster as scanning and basic entry has already been done (they will be assigned a new number). If you change anything on the listing – description, price, etc. – be sure to write in red or a different color ink so it stands out. The items will be listed for two years with the one year extension option.

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