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Wendy Masorti,
Complaint Manager
ext. 202

Fraud Alert Continues: In addition to our recent alert that an individual was claiming to be our past president, John Hotchner, we are now receiving calls using different names and directing people to our website stating that they work for us. APS does not buy collections and we would not ask you to be bonded or to put money in escrow to review or purchase your collection. Any call from the APS should come from the 814 area code and any e-mails should have a domain of stamps.org.

It is hard to imagine a professional stamp dealer offering to purchase a collection sight unseen or even based simply on photos or scans. Unsolicited calls to purchase stamp collections are unusual. We recommend asking any potential buyer about their professional affiliations. Are they an APS member? An American Stamp Dealers Association member? A National Stamp Dealers Association member? And then follow up by phone or e-mail to the organization to confirm.

Another red flag is pressure to make an immediate decision. If you have a gut feeling that the transaction is too good to be true, nine times out of ten it is. Please call APS with any concerns or to report your experience - 814-933-3803 ext. 202.

Message from Wendy Masorti, APS Complaint Manager

Dispute Resolution

The APS complaint process helps resolve disputes between members and provides the Society a means of enforcing its Code of Ethics. While this is one member benefit we hope you'll never have to use, the APS is proud to provide this service to organized philately.

Guidance for Using the Complaint Process:
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