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Society Exhibit Awards

Society Award Criteria form. Societies use this form to submit an award or to update your current award listings below.

American Air Mail Society

Medal and Ribbon - The Struck Medallion of Winged Globe Available to national, regional, and local shows with 3 or more airmail exhibits.
Criteria available in .pdf

Contact: Phillip J. Stager, 4184 51st Ave., S. St. Petersburg, FL 33711-4734;
Phone: 727-864-1588;
Email: pstager@tampabay.rr.com

American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors

Creativity Award - Available to WSP shows with accredited juries.

Gold Award of Honor (Pin) - Available to WSP shows.

Silver Award of Honor (Pin) - Available to local/regional shows.

Novice Award - Best exhibit by a first time exhibitor. Available to national shows.
Criteria for above awards available in .pdf

Silver Awards of Honor - to recognize and encourage exhibitors who have worked hard for excellence of presentation, but who have not been awarded a Gold award at the show. Criteria for Silver award available in .pdf

Contact: Bill Johnson
Email: williamdaddy51@yahoo.com
Cell Phone: (785)925-1789

Award of Excellence - Plan and Headings - for the title page that a jury feels is a prime example of excellence. Available to WSP shows.
Criteria available in .pdf

Contact: Liz Hisey; Email: lizhisey@comcast.net

Youth Grand Award - Available to WSP shows (may only be given to an exhibit once a year).

Contact: Vesma Grinfelds, Email: vesmag@gmail.com

American First Day Cover Society

Certificates - Available to all shows with open competitions.

AFDCS Exhibit Award - Available if two or more First Day Cover Exhibits.

Contact: Randy Smith, P.O. Box 2085, Minneapolis, MN 55402;
Phone: 952-431-3273; Email: rasmary4@frontiernet.net

American Helvetia Philatelic Society

Bronze Medal - for WSP shows with 2 or more Swiss or Liechtenstein related exhibits by different exhibitors.

Certificate - for any national, regional, or local show with 2 or more Swiss or Liechtenstein related exhibits.

Sophie Buser Memorial Youth Award - any U.S. show, at least a two frame exhibit and exhibitor no older than 18.
Criteria for above awards available in .pdf

Contact: Michael Peter, P.O. Box 50256, St. Louis, MO 63105;
Email: mpeter@elpacocoatings.com

American Philatelic Congress

Copy of the American Philatelic Congress Book - Automatically sent to WSP shows for an exhibit which best exemplifies clear, concise write-ups that aid viewer understanding of the subject matter. May be given to any class of exhibit including Single Frame, Youth, or Display.
Criteria for above award available in .pdf

Contact: Charles Wooster
Email: cwooster@aol.com

American Philatelic Society

Four (4) Awards of Excellence

One (1) Research Award - Automatically sent to WSP shows. Available on request to exhibitions hosting an annual meeting or convention of a national philatelic society affiliated with the APS or a state or regional federation of stamp clubs.
Criteria for above awards available in .pdf

Contact: Kathleen Edwards, 100 Match Factory Place, Bellefonte, PA 16823;
Phone: 814-933-3803 ext. 217; Email: kedwards@stamps.org

Certificate - Any exhibition sponsored by an APS Chapter which does not meet the criteria for presentation of APS Medals of Excellence and the APS Research Medal.

American Revenue Association

Best Revenue Exhibit - for WSP or National shows where there is an ARA meeting. Must have three or more revenue exhibits.

Single-Frame Award - for shows where there is an ARA meeting.

Criteria for above awards available in .pdf

Contact: Paul A. Nelson, 8111 East Broadway, Apt 244, Tucson 85711;
Phone: 520-891-6757; Email: pnels@att.net

American Topical Association

1st Place Medal - show must have 500 pages of exhibits and a separate classification for topicals/thematics. Winner must have received a bronze or higher.

2nd & 3rd Place Medals - show must have 500 pages of exhibits, a separate classification for topicals or thematics, and pay $12 for these medals.

One Frame Merit Award - any show with one frame classification.

Youth Award - regional/national with 3+ youth exhibitors; other shows with 5 youth exhibitors.

Novice Award - exhibitor must register as a novice (as defined by shows).

Criteria for above awards available in .pdf

Contact: Dalene Thomas, 1805 S Balsam St Apt 106, Lakewood, CO 80202-6778;
Email: dalene@lighthousestampsociety.org

Auxiliary Markings Club

Award of Merit - exhibit must have won a national Silver Award or better and include a treatment of auxiliary markings. It is open to any exhibit in a National (WSC) stamp exhibition.

Criteria for above awards available in .pdf

Contact: Matthew Liebson;
Phone: 216-308-0519
Email: paperhistory@att.net

British Caribbean Philatelic Study Groups

Medal for Multi-Frame Exhibit - any national show with multi-frame British Caribbean exhibits. Exhibit must receive silver or higher in open competition.

Medal for Single-Frame Exhibit - any national show with a single-frame British Caribbean exhibit. Exhibit must receive silver or higher in open competition.

Contact: Paul A. Larsen, P.O. Box 426, Park Forest, IL 60466;
Email: palstamp@aol.com

British North America Philatelic Society

Best BNA Exhibit - Best BNA material includes Canada & British Colonies in North America.

Best BNA 2'n'4 - Best BNA exhibit with 2,3, or 4 frames.

Best BNA Research Award - For demonstrating significant research.

BNAPS Elizabethan Study Group Award - Best BNA exhibit of Elizabethan era material.
Criteria for above awards available in .pdf

Contact: Jon Johnson, 39 Hillgrove Cres SW, Calgary, AB Canada T2V 3K8;
Email: jcjperfins@hotmail.com

Canal Zone Study Group

Awards available to World Series Shows for both single- and multi-frame exhibits.

Bronze medal for new exhibitors at WSP level or International FIP level.
Criteria for above awards available in .pdf

Contact: David Zemer, P.O. Box 654, Skoyen N-0214, Oslo Norway

China Stamp Society

Awards only available when the China Stamp Club is holding their Annual Meeting.

Contact: H. James Maxwell, 1050 W. Blue Ridge Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64145-1216;
Phone: 816-942-6300; Email: hjmesq@kc.rr.com

Christmas Seal and Charity Stamp Society

Best Christmas Seal and Charity Stamp Society Award - must win silver medal or better.

Emily Bissell Award - best Christmas seal or charity seal exhibit earning at least a sliver medal.

Contact: Cliff Irving, Email: 2hike@comcast.net

Collectors Club of Chicago

2-3 books - published by the club. It is suggested the jury allocate the award to an exhibitor to motivate him or her to continue to exhibit in his or her area of interest, to recognize his or her research, creativity or even first-time exhibiting achievement. Awards limitations and paramaters: NOT to be given to the Grand or Reserve Grand Award Winners, should be given to either a Vermeil or Gold-Award level (may be a youth exhibitor), no topic or frame restrictions, and may be awarded to an experienced, newer or first-time exhibitor.
Criteria available in .pdf

Contact: John A. Rdzak; Email: jardzak@comcast.net

Empire State Postal History Society

Best New York Postal History Society - Exhibit must win a national gold or vermeil. Available to shows with competitive exhibits open to the public with a minumum of two NYS postal history exhibits.

Contact: George DeKornfield; Email: gdekornfel@fairpoint.net

Eire Philatelic Association

Medal - all international and national shows with 3 or more multi-frame Irish exhibits. An exhibit may win the medal only once and must receive a silver or higher in open competition.

Certificate - all international and national shows with 2 or more Irish exhibits

Contact: Richard Kelly, PO Box 927, Naperville, IL 60566;
Email: Kellyrd@sbcglobal.net

Elizabethan II Study Group of BNAPS

Award - White Queen pin and a one year subscription to the Corgi Times the study group newsletter. Available to any local, regional, or national show provided the show has 200 pages of exhibited material. If over 500 pages a second "White Queen" may be awarded.

Pin(s) available to all shows (Local, Regional or National)

Contact: Jon Johnson, 39 Highgrove Cres SW, Calgary, AB T2V 3K8 Canada;
Email: ocperfins@hotmail.com

Ephemera Society of America

Certificate – given to anyone who uses a significant amount of ephemera in an exhibit. Under current guidelines that would include any display division, postcard class or advertising cover (section two of illustrated mail division). It is non-competitive, an exhibitor can only receive one certificate for a given exhibit.

Contact: Art Groten, P.O. Box 30, Fishkill, NY 12524;
Email: artgroten@optonline.net

Errors, Freaks, and Oddities Collectors Club

1st and 2nd Ribbons - available to all shows.

Contact: Cemil Betanov
Email: CemilB@optonline.net

German Colonies Collectors Group

Col. W.E. Davis Award - can only be won once and restricted to multi-frame exhibits. Exhibit must receive vermeil or higher in open competition.
Criteria available in .pdf

Contact: Paul A. Larsen, P.O. Box 426, Park Forest, IL 60466;
Phone: 708-747-1444; Email: palstamp@aol.com

Germany Philatelic Society

Gold, Silver, Bronze Medals - national shows with 3 or more German exhibits.

Bronze Medal - local shows

Contact: Michael Peter, P.O. Box 6547, Chesterfield, MO 63006-6547;
Email: mpeter@elpacocoatings.com

GPS Special Prize - available to APS-certified exhibitions or shows. The award may be given to any exhibit, topic or category and is not limited to Germany-area exhibits. Award consists of a year's subscription to the Society's gold-award winning publication and one of its award-winning books.
Criteria available in .pdf

Contact: Michael Peter, P.O. Box 6547, Chesterfield, MO 63006-6547;
Email: mpeter@elpacocoatings.com

Great Britain Collectors Club

Tom Current GBCC Founders Award - A piece of Wedgewood pottery for the best exhibit related to Great Britain philately. Available only to shows hosting the GBCC national convention.

Contact: Steve McGill, 10309 Brookhollow Circle, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129;
Email: steve.mcgill@comcast.net

India Study Circle

Award - available to WSP shows for the best India related exhibit.
Criteria available in .pdf

Contact: John Warren, P.O. Box 7326, Washington, DC 20044;
Phone: 202-564-6876; Email: warren.john@epa.gov

International Philippine Philatelic Society

Eugene A. Garrett Award (Medallion and certificate) - Available to certain national and FIP shows.
Criteria available in .pdf

Contact: Don Peterson, IPPS Award Coordinator, 7408 Alaska Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20012;
Phone: 301-834-6419 Email: dpeterson4526@comcast.net

International Society for Portuguese Philately

Only available to national shows with three or more Portuguese related exhibits where the Society meeting or Annual Society meeting is being held.

Contact: Stephen S. Washburne, P. O. Box 43146, Philadelphia PA 19129;
Email: stevewashburne@gmail.com

International Society of Worldwide Stamp Collectors

Youth Merit Award - available to any show displaying 50 or more pages of material by 5 youngsters aged 5-18. The winning entry must show a minimum of 50% worldwide (non-U.S.) philatelic material.

Youth Merit Certificate - any boy or girl scout who earns their Stamp Collecting Merit Badge.
Criteria for above awards available in .pdf

Contact: Richard Rizzo, 18300 Winter Park Ct., Gaithersburg, MD 20879;
Phone: 301-807-3515.

Machine Cancel Society

Machine Cancel Society Award - available to all WSP shows and is awarded to the best exhibit with significant treatment of machine cancels.

Criteria for above awards available in .pdf

Contact: Matt Liebson, Phone: 216-566-5653; Email: paperhistory@att.net

Meter Stamp Society

General Exhibit Award - For exhibits that prominently explore one or more of the alternate postage products that the Society follows. The award consists of a cerificate and a two year membership to the MSS.
Criteria for the MSS award is available in .pdf

Contact: David Crotty, P.O. Box 16115, Ludlow, KY 41016-0115

Mexico Elmhurst Philatelic Society International

Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals - available only if hosting an annual meeting.

Contact: Dr. Mark Banchik, P.O. Box 222125, Great Neck, NY 11022;
Email: mebanchik@aol.com

Military Postal History Society

Best MPH Exhibit - 1-10 frame exhibit with a military theme and the exhibit must have won a silver or higher. Must be at least three exhibits pertaining to MPH.

Contact: Jeff Curtis, 912 Jonathan Drive, Plainfield, IN 46168;
Phone: 317-839-0722; Email: jcurtis55@ymail.com

Ottoman and Near East Philatelic Society

Turkish Plate and Alternate - Best exhibit by a society member.

Contact: Robert Stuchell, 193 Valley Stream La., Wayne, PA 19087;
Phone: 610-251-2244; Email: rstuchell@msn.com

The Perfins Club

Jackson Sothern Memorial Globe Award - available if 3 or more Perfin exhibits, must be a member.

Harold W. Krueger Memorial Star Award - awarded to best single frame Perfin exhibit, must be a member.
Criteria for above awards available in .pdf

Contact: Stephen R. Endicott, 20 Greensburgh Lane, San Anselmo, CA 94960;
Phone:415-454-1475; Email: perfins@gmail.com

Philatelic Society for Greater Southern Africa

Engraved Paperweight and Certificate - best exhibit featuring the region & Greater Southern Africa including former colonies and countries.
Criteria available in .pdf

Contact: David McNamee, P.O. Box 37, Alamo, CA 94507;
Phone: 925-934-3847; Email: dmcnamee@aol.com

Plate Number Coil Collectors Club

Presidents Award & Certificate of Achievement - available to all shows with PNC exhibits.

Contact: Paul Bravell, P.O. Box 80333, Ft. Wayne, IN 46898-0333;
Email: paul@bravell.org

Polonus Philatelic Society Awards

Awards are available only at WSP shows at which PPS is a “convening society” and/or conduct its annual meetings.

One does not need to be a Polonus member to be eligible for any Polonus award.

The Polonus Grand Award - for the best multi-frame exhibit of Poland or Polish related material with a minimum participation of at least three multi-frame exhibits competing.

The President’s Award - for the best one-frame exhibit of Poland or Polish related material with at least three one-frame exhibits competing.

The Polonus Novice Award - for a first-time exhibitor who exhibits Poland or Polish related material and is judged the best among first-time exhibitors.

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals - for all multi-frame and one-frame exhibits of Polish or Polish related material.

Polonus Award Certificates - to all exhibitors who are awarded medals.

Contact: Robert Ogrodnik, P.O. Box 240428, Ballwin, MO 63024-0428.;
Email: krpsl@earthlink.net

Postal History Society, Inc.

Postal History Society Award - available to national shows with 6 or more multi-frame Postal History exhibits. Local shows award a certificate only.
Criteria available in .pdf
Please note: This award will automatically be sent to WSP shows along with the APS medals.

Contact: Douglas N. Clark, P.O. Box 427, Marstons Mills, MA 02648

Rossica Society

Rossica Award (Plaque & Ribbon) - available to WSP shows with best Russian-area exhibit. The winning exhibit must be awarded at least a vermeil in the open competition. A qualifying exhibit may win even if it is the only Russian-area exhibit at the show.

President's Award - available to shows that host national and regional Rossica Society meetings. It is awarded on the basis of imagination, innovation, and eye-appeal to an exhibit winning less than a gold in the general competition. .
Criteria for the above awards is available in .pdf

Contact: Raymond J. Pietruszka, 211 Evalyn St., Madison, AL 35758;
Email: ray.pietruszka@rossica.org

Society for Czechoslovak Philately

Medal - available to all WSP shows with three or more Czechoslovak exhibits. .
Criteria for above awards available in .pdf

Contact: R. Tom Cossaboom, P.O. Box 4124, Prescott, AZ 86302;
Email: KLFCK1@aol.com

Society for Hungarian Philately Award

Available to any WSP show which hosts the annual SHP Society meeting.

Contact: H. Alan Hoover, 6070 Poplar Spring Dr., Norcross, GA 30092;
Email: h.alan.hoover@hungarianphilately.org

Space Unit

Gold, Silver, and Bronze - available to national shows with Astrophilatelic topical exhibits.

Contact: Dr. Reuben Ramkissoon, 3011 White Oak Lane, Oak Brook, IL 60523-2513

Sports Philatelists International

Best of Show - available to any show using APS or ATA accredited judges.

Novice - available to WSP shows.

Best of Show (Youth) - given at the descretion of the judges.
Criteria for above awards available in .pdf

Contact: Mark Maestrone, 2824 Curie Place, San Diego, CA 92122
Email: markspi@prodigy.net

State Revenue Society

Gold, Silver, or Bronze Medals for National Show - available to any WSP show at which either The State Revenue Society or The American Revenue Association is an official participant.

Medals - may be made available to other open shows, or for other purposes, as may be determined by the Board of Directors of SRS.
Criteria for above awards available in .pdf

Contact: SRS Awards Chairman Ken Pruess, 1441 Urbana Lane, Lincoln, NE 68505;
Email: kppruess@aol.com

U.S. Cancellation Club

Best Exhibit of U.S. Cancellation Award - for best multi-frame exhibit. May only be won twice.
Criteria available in .pdf

Contact: Roger D. Curran, 20 University Club, Lewisburg, PA 17837;
Email: rcurran@dejazzd.com

U.S. Philatelic Classics Society, Inc.

Medal - available to national shows with U.S. Classic exhibits, may be won only once every two years for the same exhibit.
Criteria available in .pdf

Contact: Ms. Jessica Rodriguex, 1525 Santa Monica Ave., San Jose, CA 95118;
Phone: 408-656-0623; Email: jrodriguex@me.com;
Further Information: www.uspcs.org/AwardsPrograms.html

U.S. Possessions Philatelic Society (USPPS)

Best USPPS Award - presented for (a) the best single frame and (b) the best multi-frame exhibit of U.S. Possessions related stamps or postal history at any World Series shows at which the USPPS has a recognized presence and the exhibit receives at least a show Vermeil.
Criteria available in .pdf

Contact: Len McMaster, HC-71, Box 86A, Capon Bridge, WV 26711;
Phone: 304-856-1118; Email: uspps.possessions@gmail.com;

U.S. Stamp Society

Statue of Freedom Award (WSP Shows) - any WSP show with U.S. Stamp exhibits of postage stamps, revenue stamps and/or stamped paper of the United States.
Criteria available in .pdf

President's Award (Local Shows) - available to any Regional or Local stamp exhibition where the exhibit criteria allows for an open competition.
Criteria available in .pdf

Contact: Denise Stotts, P.O. Box 690042, Houston, TX 77269;
Email: stottsjd@swbell.net

United Nations Philastelists, Inc. (UNPI)

Medals & Ribbons - available to any show with at least three qualifying exhibits, either multi- or single-frame.

UNPI Presidents Award - awarded to the best exhibit of eligible material by a UNPI member at its annual convention.
Criteria available in .pdf

Contact: Tony Dewey, 157 Warrenton Avenue, Hartford, CT 06105-3931;
Email: afdewey@sbcglobal.net

United Postal Stationery Society

Marcus White Award - available to national shows with a multi-frame postal stationery exhibit.
Criteria available in .pdf

One-frame exhibiting award - awarded to the best one-frame exhibit in open competition.
Criteria available in .pdf

Contact: Mr. Dr. Cary Finder, P.O. Box 491, Rockville, MD 20848;
Email: cfinder@ukalumni.net

Vatican Philatelic Society

Medal & Ribbon - available to any show with one or more Vatican/Roman States exhibits.

Contact: Frederick J. Levitsky, 13 Lesley Avenue, Auburn, MA 01501

Virginia Postal History Society

Patrick Henry Award - exhibit that shows work related to Virginia Postal History. Is allowed to have some non-related material to support the interpretation of Virginia Postal History.

Contact: Robert B. Mayo, 11758 River Crest Dr., Gloucester VA 23061;
Phone: 804-573-9819; Email: bob@gallerymayo.com

Women Exhibitors

Sterling Achievement Award - to recognize an exhibit that has been awarded a bronze, silver-bronze or silver medal. Exhibit must show commendable accomplishment in treatment aspects of exhibit preparation. Available to any show and to any exhibit in any class or division.
Criteria available in .pdf

Contact: Bill Johnson
Email: williamdaddy51@yahoo.com
Cell Phone: (785)925-1789

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