The Luff Award

The Luff Award is presetned for Meritorious Contributions to Philately by Living Philatelists

The Luff Award was established in 1940 in memory of John N. Luff, APS president from 1907 to 1909, who was considered the most prominent American philatelist of his era.

Three Annual Awards:

The APS Luff Awards are available annually for:

  • Distinguished Philatelic Research;
  • Exceptional Contributions to Philately, and;
  • Outstanding Service to the American Philatelic Society. 

Awards are presented at STAMPSHOW, the Society's annual convention and exhibition. Recipients sign the Luff Award Scroll and are presented with engraved rings and individually prepared mementos.

  1. All nominations must be submitted to the Luff Awards Committee in writing and on a completed nomination form by December 15th for consideration for the following year.
  2. Nominations more than five years old will not be considered active. However, nominees may again be nominated to the Committee or reinstated by a Committee member for further consideration.
  3. Luff Award Committee members may also submit nominations of individual names for consideration by the full Committee.
  4. Self nominations for a Luff Award or a nomination by a family member of a nominee will not be considered.


Eligibility for Luff Award(s):
  1. Everyone in philately is potentially eligible for consideration to receive a Luff Award.
  2. Nominees must be living when nominated by the committee.
  3. Membership in the American Philatelic Society is not a prerequisite to being a nominee, except in the category “Outstanding Service to the American Philatelic Society.”
  4. Contributions to the hobby by a nominee for a Luff Award should be of a national or international nature and recognized throughout philately in general; i.e., and not be recognized only within a single organization or geographic region.
  5. Employees of the Society will not be eligible for consideration while still employed by the Society. By Board recommendation, the consideration of former APS employees will be made only on those achievements made while not in the employ of the APS.
  6. Members of the Board of Directors, including the Immediate Past President, will not be eligible for consideration while in office.
  7. Appointed committee and subcommittee chairpersons and members of committees and subcommittees are eligible for nomination for a Luff Award while still serving in an appointed position.
  8. The Luff Award will not be issued to a person only because that person achieved a leadership position in philately but contributed or accomplished little or nothing noteworthy during the term(s) of service.
  9. Professional dealer members of the hobby may be eligible for consideration if their contributions are deemed meritorious. The contributions must result from his/her specific decisions, actions or practices.
  10. A previous Luff Award winner may be eligible for an additional Luff Award(s) in another category in a different year providing his/her contributions are meritorious of an additional Luff Award. The additional award should be in a category different from the previous Luff Award and given with consideration only of achievements made after the previous award.

John N. Luff

John N. Luff, APS President


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