Dealers, Public Auction & Cachetmakers Bourse

The heart of the show is the bourse of 75 dealers buying and selling stamps and covers ranging in price from a few cents to hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

The dealers will be supplemented by a multi-session public Harmer-Schau auction. On Saturday a cachetmakers bourse will be held where collectors may purchase cacheted covers sold by the artists. The APS will also sponsor Stamps by the Bucket and Covers by Container where youth may acquire a bucket of stamps or a container of covers for only $1 ($5 for adults).

Dealer Booth Information

Booth Reservations are still being accepted. - a few booth spaces remain, reserve your space today more.


List of participating dealers as of 05/20/2019. Below is a listing of the dealers currently registered to participate.  The listing is updated often and booth numbers will be posted as soon as available.  Check back often for updates.


Booth #
A & D Stamps and Coins
U.S., Canada, Worldwide, U.N.
Worldwide Stamps, Comprehensive US Stamps, USA Back of Book, Appraisals
U.S. Postal Documents, U.S. Postal History (Covers), Postal Ephemera, Railroad Ephemera
U.S. #1 to Date
Classic Asia~Pacific Stamps & Covers
Hawaii, China, Worldwide to 1955, Revenues
The Classic Collector
Rare Stamps, British Empire, Rare Covers and Expertization
Classic Philatelist-Warren Manning
U.S. Classic Postage Stamps 1840-1940, Back of the Book, Match & Medicine, Revenues
Colonial Stamp Company
British Empire 1840-1935, German Colonies & Offices, Rare Stamps of the World, Buying Stamps of the World
Connoisseur Stamps and Collectibles, Inc.
Classic Stamps of the World, German Empire, Europe and United States
D & P Stamps
Portugal and Colonies, France and Colonies, British Colonies, Latin America and Worldwide
Ed Dimmick
Topicals, Worldwide, Cinderellas, U.S.
DK Enterprise
U.S./Worldwide Revenues, Military/Naval/Censored, U.S>/Worldwide Postal History, Appraisals
Dutch Country Auctions
Auction Firm, Buyers, US & Worldwide Sets & Singles, Appraisals
Engler Stamps
U.S., Plate Number Coils (PNC's), Plate Blocks, Federal Ducks
WW Postal History, Latin America, Europe, United Nations Proofs
Fox River Stamps
United States Mint Sheets, Revenues, Errors, Freaks and Oddities, Hunting/Fishing/Duck Stamps
Richard Friedberg
U.S. Revenue Stamps, U.S. Back of the Book, U.S. Telegraph Stamps, Documents
Wayne R. Gehret
Worldwide Covers, Discount Postage and Face Value Stamps
Global Philatelic Associates
U.S. Postal History, Ephemera, Confederate Postal History, Civil War
Grain Coast Cotton
Africa - Liberia
David Grossblat
U.S. Postal History, Worldwide Postal History, Arizona Territorial Covers, Zeppelins & Aerophilately
Harmer-Schau Auction
Public Auctions, Worldwide, Worldwide,
Labron Harris
U.S. Postal History, Worldwide Postal History
HB Philatelics
Quality United States Graded 80-100, Proofs and Essays, Federal and State Hunting Permits, Revenues
Brad Houser
Hugh Wood, Inc
United States, Collections, British Commonwealth, Worldwide
Israel Philatelic Agency/IGPC
Israel New Issues, Israel Collection, Israel FDC, Israel Appraisals
Eric Jackson Revenue Stamps
U.S. Revenue Stamps, U.S. Back of the Book, U.S. Telegraph Stamps, Canada Revenue Stamps
Patricia A. Kaufmann
Confederate States Stamps & Postal History
Kay & Company
British Commonwealth, India and States, Australia, British Africa
John L. Kimbrough
Confederate States
James E. Lee
U.S. Essays & Proofs, U.S. 19th Century Postal History, U.S. Fancy Cancels, Civil War Postal History
Linn's Stamp News/ Amos Media
Philatelic magazines, Philatelic literature, Philatelic products,
Main Street Philatelics, Inc.
U.S. Stamps and Covers, Topical and Worldwide Stamps, Literature, Supplies
Miller's Stamp Company
U.S. Classics, Free Appraisals, Plate Blocks, Zeppelins Stamps and Covers
Newport Harbor Stamp Co.
U.S. Classics, Plate Blocks, Errors,
Greenland, Faroe, Iceland and Norway
Oceanview Stamp Company
U.S. Stamps, U.S> Back of Book and British Commonwealth
Odds and Ends Stamps
Stanley M. Piller & Assoc.
Classic U.S. Stamps & Postal History, Hawaii Stamps & Postal History, Confederate Stamps & Postal History, First Issue US Revenues
Gary Posner, Inc.
U.S. Classics, U.S. Graded, U.S. Back of the Book, U.S. EFO's
Professional Stamp Experts
Grading and Expertizing
R.G. Stamps & Covers
Postal History, U.S. Covers, Post Cards, Foreign Covers
Rail Philatelist
Train Topicals, Cinderellas, Postcards, Postal History
Rasdale Stamp Company
Auctions, Collections, Lots, Worldwide,
Mark Reasoner
U.S., Postal History, Worldwide, Collections, Lots
Right Stamp Co.
Texas Postal History, Polar Covers, Worldwide Stamps,
Rising Sun Stamps
China, Japan, Asia, WW Cover
Robin Philatelics
Appraisals, Asia, Topicals,
Roy's Stamps
Canada and Provinces Stamps and Covers, British Commonwealth Stamps and Covers
San Pedro Stamp & Coin
Worldwide Airmails, British Colonies, Foreign 1840-1960,
Kurt Sanftleben LLC
U.S. Postal History and American Ephemera
Schau-Stickney Postal History
Worldwide Postal History, Russia Postal History, British Empire Postal History, China Postal History
Spink USA
Auctions, United States, Appraisals, British Commonwealth
Worldwide, U.S., Plate Blocks, Topics
Stamp Center of Texas
Worldwide Stamps, Postal History
Stamp Smith
Topicals by Topic, U.S. Stamps & Covers, Worldwide Stamps & Covers,
Stamps by the Bucket
Worldwide Stamps
Stamps 'n' Stuff
U.S., Sheets, Worldwide,
James F. Taff
German Areas, United States, British Colonies, French Colonies
Stephen T. Taylor
U.S. Postal History, Confederate State Postal History, U.S. Possesions Postal History, U.S. Postal Stationary
Richard Thomas Philatelics
Stamps, Postcards, Covers,
Don Tocher, U.S. Classics
U.S. Classic Postal History, Aux. Markings, Civil War- WWII Postal History,
Triple "S" Postal History
Worldwide Covers, Postal History, Airmail Covers, U.S. Covers
Tuva Enterprises
Worldwide Stamps, Postal History, U.S. Stamps,
Hawaii Stamps and Covers
Weisz Stamps and Covers
Postal History, U.S. Stamps, Buys Collections, Flights
Dean Rodina


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