Thomas Allen Award

For the best article published in a single year of The Philatelic Literature Review

The award is named for Thomas F. Allen. Mr. Allen was the editor and co-author of the book 19th Century Cleveland Ohio Postal Markings and received an international gold medal for his Cleveland postal markings exhibit. Past president of the U.S. Philatelic Classics Society and an editor of their publication, Allen served as president, secretary and treasurer for the Garfield Perry Stamp Club and was actively involved in their annual March Party show.

Award Criteria:

In 2013 the award was founded to promote research and philatelic writing......

  • Each year the Thomas F. Allen Award recognizes the writer(s) of the best article that appeared in the Philatelic Literature Review during the previous calendar year.
  • The nominated article is chosen by the subcommittee from the articles that appeared in the Philatelic Literature Review the previous calendar year.
  • The winner is announced in the 3rd quarter issue of the PLR and the August issue of The American Philatelist. The award is presented at the Society’s annual summer awards banquet.
  • The award includes a check for $500.



  1. The Thomas F. Allen Award Subcommittee has the sole responsibility of recommending a nomination to the Board of Directors of the APS. The Board retains the privilege of approving or rejecting any recommendation or naming an awardee themselves.
  2. The goal is to make one recommendation, including a brief explanation of merit, to the APS Board by March 1st each year.


  1. The article must have appeared in the Philatelic Literature Review in the year prior to the year the award is to be given. The author need not be living at the time of the nomination.
  2. The article chosen shares new research or knowledge or takes previous works and creates or reworks the information with new and interesting ideas, relevant to today’s philatelic researchers.
  3. The focus of the article is on philatelic literature, research, or libraries.
  4. The staff of the Philatelic Literature Review, members of the APS and APRL boards, and members of the subcommittee are ineligible for consideration of the award.
Allen Awardee
Abhishek Bhuwalka for
The Bookseller of Frankfurt am Main: An Interview with Burkhard Schneider of
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Anastasios “Tasos” Kalfas for
The Future of Philatelic Research: Bridging the Gap between Researchers and Libraries
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Thomas Pratuch for
Tools of the Trade: Research for Philatelists Often Draws on Tools from Other Field
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Peter Martin for
A History of the E.S.J. van Dam Canadian Revenue Stamp Catalogs
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Stanley Bierman for
Philatelic Literature, Its Lore and Heritage: Collectors Dealers and Great Libraries
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Brian Birch for
Who Really Founded the American Philatelic Society, Theodore F. Cuno or Schuyler B. Bradt?
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Christopher D. Cook for
Using Omeka to Publish a Stamp Collection Online
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James Negus & Brian J. Birch for
Unpublished Tiffany Manuscripts
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Brian J. Birch for
Schuyler B. Bradt and the First Philatelic Index
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