Special offer from Clear Bags just for stamp collectors, and your comments considered

Special offer from Clear Bags just for stamp collectors, and your comments considered

Savings on your clear mount purchases

In conjunction with The American Philatelist September Buying and Selling column, "ClearBags.com – Providing a New Option for Clear Stamp Mounts" by Wendy Masorti, ClearBags.com is offering our members a 5% discount on purchases of this new stamp mount option – use promo code APS5.  The code can be used as many times as you would like from now through the end of the year. Start browsing ClearBags.com now and discover how these options will fit into your stamp collection!

Long-time user of ClearBags comments

After the September American Philatelist came out, we received several emails about the Buying and Selling column. One such came from APS member Ms. Edholm:

"I was intrigued by your article in the September 2019 American Philatelist on ClearBags.com. I have used ClearBags products for many years using their clear envelopes for my handmade greeting cards.  I had NEVER thought of using them for my covers. ClearBags products are very good, sturdy and protect items well.

I was selling at an outdoor market one year when a rain storm swooped in, drenching everything. Everyone had canopies, but products still got damaged. The vendor across the walkway from us was selling . . . photography cards. She lost the majority of her stock as her bags for the cards were not sealable. I didn’t lose a single card."


APS Members test alternatives for mounting stamps and covers

Another APS member, Mr. Jehan, offered his own experience searching for mount alternatives.

"Wendy Masorti's article discusses a subject I have been experimenting with for some time. Several years ago I struggled with how I should go about mounting the many United States stamps issued as double sided sheets. I wanted to put them in my album in a way that would allow viewing of both the image on the obverse and the informational material on the reverse.

After some research I also found the benefits of the acid-free archival quality polypropylene bags which I acquired from gtbag.com, a competitor to clearbags.com. What clearbags.com calls “Flap Seal Crystal Clear Bags”, gtbag.com calls Ultra Clear “Lip & Tape” Bags. Between the two companies, a large variety of sizes are available. Although the small sizes available for individual stamps is somewhat limited.

Read the full letter and find Mr. Jehan's recommended bag sizes here.


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