What is StampsTeach? Bring Learning to Life in Classrooms Near You

What is StampsTeach? Bring Learning to Life in Classrooms Near You

Just in time for Giving Tuesday, December 3rd 2019, the APS Education department is proud to present one of our favorite programs: StampsTeach.

StampsTeach is a program that provides K – 12 educators with ready-made learning activities and philatelic materials to use in their classrooms. This includes lesson plans and activities geared for each grade level, with a variety of content areas - including science, math, language arts, health, history, fine arts, and more. In addition, educators can sign up to receive postally used stamps to offer a “Postage Stamp Token Economy” in their classroom. Token economies are systems that use positive reinforcement to encourage good behavior and academic achievement.

"I enjoy learning about the values of different cultures through stamps because it helps me better understand other humans around the world, even if I can never visit them." - Tenth grade student

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A single package of StampsTeach materials includes stamps, a Symbols of America as Told by Stamps theme reader, worksheets, and access to free online lessons.

Some teachers shared their experiences of using StampsTeach materials in their classrooms:

"Students wanted to take the stamps home with them. They had to be problem solvers and independent thinkers to find what they needed and were cooperative and helpful to their peers."
"About a week after I taught the lesson on symmetry, one child encountered a related question on a practice test and said, 'I know that from stamp class!'"
"The activity complimented our math lessons and allowed the students to practice their math facts while engaged in a fun game."
"Two of my students who normally “tune out” were the first to complete the assignment and proudly showed their work to the rest of the class."
"Students used the stamps to self-test and teach themselves about categories. For example, which stamps are states? Foreign? In a particular continent?"

Every type of educator (classroom, homeschool, club leader, and more) is encouraged to use StampsTeach as part of their curriculum. Downloadable teaching materials, including a theme reader, lesson plans, and learning activities (such as crossword puzzles, word searches, bingo cards, reader’s theatres and more) can be found here. Enroll in the StampsTeach program to receive philatelic materials to use as instructional tools.

StampsTeach is one of the most important programs at the APS.

We’re proud to be able to give educators easily-accessible teaching materials, offer new and interesting learning experiences to kids, and promote an interest in philately.

On Tuesday December 3rd, 2019, the American Philatelic Society will celebrate Giving Tuesday - a one-day international day of giving. Our goal for Giving Tuesday is to raise money for the StampsTeach program - and thanks to the generosity of our matching donors, we will be able to double the impact of donations made on December 3rd. Find out more.

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