What is the Mighty Buck Club

The Mighty Buck Club provides an affordable opportunity to make a BIG difference. We wanted a campaign where we could show our members that donations even in small amounts pooled together can provide much needed funds to improve APS/APRL services and support the hobby.


How will the club support the hobby?

The Mighty Buck Club supports the hobby by building a designated MBC fund, one buck at a time, for providing:

  • Much needed technology, reference literature, and supplies to improve the APS and APRL member services;
  • Subsidy funds for additional education programming when possible;
  • Additional journals for the APRL and member use;
  • Additional resources and equipment for use at APS shows;
  • Supplies to enhance APC visitors’ experiences.

How to Become a Member:

To join the club it only takes $12 (equal to $1/month!) Becoming a member of the Mighty Buck Club is as easy as buying a stamp online. Just go to the donate link and follow the prompts to make your $12 or more donation.