World Series Champion of Champions

Benjamin and Naomi Wishnietsky Multi-Frame Champion of Champions

In 2012 the Champion of Champions award has been named in honor of Benjamin and Naomi Wishnietsky.

In the Beginning…Timbromanie, The Proliferation of Postage Stamps Inspires a Collecting Revolution
Year Winner Exhibit Title Show
2023 Nicholas Lombardi The 1903 Two Cent Washington Shield Issue Plymouth Show 2023
2022 Vince King In the Beginning…Timbromanie, The Proliferation of Postage Stamps Inspires a Collecting Revolution Sarasota National Stamp Exposition '22
2021 Daniel J. Ryterband A Country Divided: Effects of the American Civil War on the Mails Civil War Postal Exhibition
2020 No Competition    
2019 Yamil H. Kouri, Jr. The First Postal Issues of Spanish Antilles FLOREX 2018
2018 James Allen The First United States 12¢ Stamp Series of 1851-1861 St. Louis Stamp Expo
2017 James P. Mazepa Colonial Central America Balpex
2016 Richard C. Malmgren Hawaiian Foreign Mail Sandical
2015 Mark S. Schwartz Boston Postal History to 1851 Sarasota National Stamp Exhibition
2014 Gordon Eubanks The United States Imperforate Issues of 1851-1856 Sescal
2013 James Peter Gough The UPU and Its Impact on Global Postal Services, 1875-1920 AmeriStamp/Southeastern Expo 2012
2012 Gordon Eubanks First Federally Issued Postage Stamps Sarasota National Stamp Exhibition
2011 John H. Barwis The Half-Lengths of Victoria, 1850-59 Filatelic Fiesta
2010 Richard C. Malmgren Hawaiian Postage Stamps NOJEX
2009 Roland Cipolla II How the Post Facilitated Distribution of the Printed Word 1775–1870 ARIPEX
2008 Irvin Heimburger The U.S. Pictorial Issue of 1869 and Its Usage Southeastern Stamp Show
2007 Alfredo Frohlich Classic Colombia Sarasota National Stamp Exhibition
2006 Vernon R. Morris Jr. Fighting the Fed in Philadelphia: Carrier, Local Posts and Independent Mails 1835 to 1867 BALPEX 2005
2005 Harlan F. Stone Switzerland 1862-1883: The perforated Sitting Helvetia Postage Stamp Mega Event
2004 Omar J. Rodriguez Hidalgo First Issue of Mexico 1856–1864 and Provisional Usages ARIPEX
2003 George J. Kramer U.S. Domestic Mails 1776-1869 NOJEX
2002 Arthur K.M. Woo Western Australia WESTPEX
2001 Michael T. Mahler United States Civil War History:
A Survey of the Documentary Taxes
2000 James Mazepa Mexico: First Issue, 1856-1861 Garfield Perry
1999 Robert L. Markovits U.S. Officials 1873-1884 Omaha Stamp Show
1998 The Brigham Collection The Province of Canada:
The Pence and Cents Issues 1851-1868
1997 Richard E. Drews U.S. Issues of 1861-1868 St. Louis Stamp Expo
1996 W. Danforth Walker Grenada: 1751-1911 Spring New York
Postage Stamp
Mega Event
1995 Howard L. Arnould Danish West Indies Postal History, Foreign Mails before 1880 NOJEX
1994 Robert J. Cooley Great Britain Line Engraved Issues: One Penny and Two Pence Values, 1840-1879 CHICAGOPEX
1993 George J. Kramer Across the Continent ROPEX
1992 James P. Gough The Evolution and Use of Adhesives for Postage Due,
1991 Peer Lorentzen Denmark 1-10, 1851-1863 ARIPEX
1990 Gene Scott Denmark: The Skilling Issue National Postage
Stamp Show
1989 Roger G. Schnell Classic and Bicolor Stamps of the Danish West Indies Sarasota National
Stamp Exhibition
1988 Gene Scott Iceland: Numeral Issues, 1873-1903 FRESPEX
1987 Robert A. Paliafito Mexico: The First Designs 1856-1867 ARIPEX
1986 George J. Kramer Wells Fargo & Co., 1852-1895 Sarasota National
Stamp Exhibition
1985 John Birkinbine, II Confederate States of America, 1861-65 STAMPSHOW
1984 Eugene E. Bowman Cape of Good Hope 1792 to 1910 MILCOPEX
1983 Harvey R. Warm Postal History of Louisiana WESTPEX
1982 Joseph F. Rorke The Black Jacks WESTPEX
1981 Blake M. Myers Civil War Patriotic Covers: The Union and the Confederacy Garfield-Perry
March Party
1980 Lynne S. Warm United States First Bureau Issues 1894-1903 FRESPEX
1979 George P. Trefonas Large Hermes Heads of Greece CHICAGOPEX
1978 Ryohei Ishikawa U.S. One Cent 1851-1861 WESTPEX
1977 Edward J. Dormer Mexico - Selected Pages, Period of Spanish Domination Through the Republic and Maximilian Periods FLOREX
1976 Robert C. Magnesen Peru CHICAGOPEX
1975 Victor E. Engstrom Postal History of the Danish West Indies NOJEX
1974 Ludwig L. Simon The Aristocrats of Confederate Philately APS Spring Meeting
1973 Robert P. Odenweller New Zealand 1855-1857 SESCAL
1972 Louis Grunin U.S. 1847-1857 NOPEX
1971 Wilbur H. Schilling, Jr. 19th Century U.S. SOJEX
1970 Margaret L. Wunsch U.S. 1869 Issue SESCAL
1969 James T. DeVoss Via Panama Mail Before 1881 SOJEX
1968 Robert H. Cunliffe 19th Century U.S. Revenues CHICAGOPEX

Single Frame Champion of Champions

Year Winner Exhibit Title
2020 Mark Schwartz Boston's Use of the 1847 Issue
2019 No Competition  
2018 Cheryl R. Ganz Zeppelin LZ-129 Hindenburg Onboard Postmarks
2017 Michael T. Mahler Big Rug, Small Rug, Baby Rug: U.S. Civil War Era $200 and $500 Revenues, Their Purpose Illustrated
2016 Ron R. Brigham Canada: The Twelve Pence of 1851: From Production to Forgery
2015 Larry Lyons America's First Stamp Design, The United States City Despatch Post
2014 Mark S. Schwartz U.S. Retaliatory Rate of June - December 1848
2013 Mark S. Schwartz Ship Letters sent Along the Trade Routes of Salem, Mass. 1787-1837
2012 Henry Marquez The First Coil of the World
2011 Van Koppersmith Mobile, Alabama CSA Provisional Issue
2010 Van Koppersmith Royal Mail Steam Packets through Mobile, Alabama
2009 Stephen Tedesco The U.S. 15 cent Webster of 1870: From Model to Finished Plate
2008 Harvey Mirsky America's First Issue: Philadelphia Usages & Markings
2007 Reuben A. Ramkissoon The Trinidad World War I Red Cross Label that Became a Postage Stamp
2005 Paul A. Fletcher Trinidad: The 1885 Postage Due Issue
2004 Wolf Spille Argentina: The World's First Columbians
2003 Edward J.J. Grabowski Reunion: The Use of Due Stamps for Regular Postage:
December 31, 1900-January 20, 1901
2002 Harlan F. Stone Switzerland's Golden Franc
2001 Jerome V.V. Kasper New Zealand Prisoner of War Aerogrammes
2000 Martin J. Miller Samoa's 1-Shilling Bisect

Most Popular Champion of Champions

Year Winner Exhibit Title
2020 No Competition  
2019 Gregg A. Hopkins, Sr. $2 Inverted Jenny
2018 Rick Gibson The Forest Conservation Issue of 1958
2017 Edward Bergen The Walt Disney Postal Commemoration of 1968
2016 Edward Bergen Walt Disney's First Super Star: Mickey Mouse
2015 Rosalie Bock All in the Family
2014 Dawn R. Hamman How to Grow Tomatoes
2013 Jay Bigalke Springfield USA
2012 Charles J. O'Brien, III The Eagle Has Landed
2011 Brian, Maria & Alexander Green CSA Postal History through the Generals'Mail
2010 Gregg A. Hopkins Sr. LUCK-OF-THE-DRAW, Legends of the West, Bill Pickett, the Errors, Rivisions & Lottery
2009 Chris Calle The Art of the Cachet
2008 Kurt W. Laubinger Hand Drawn and Hand Painted Cachets by Watercolor Artist Vaughn Hord 1980-1993
2007 Chris Calle Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Man on the Moon
2005 Jeff Shapiro ConPHessions of the PHat Philatelist
2004 Kurt W. Laubinger Politically Inspired Cachets of Bruce R. McIntyre - 1936 to 1960
2003 Robert Denson Covers and Patches from the National Boy Scout Jamborees

Yamil H. Kouri, Jr. (left) receiving his Champion of Champions award that he won at StampShow 2019.

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