Dealers & Cachetmakers Bourse

The heart of the show is the bourse of 75+ dealers buying and selling stamps and covers ranging in price from a few cents to hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

On Saturday a cachetmakers bourse will be held where collectors may purchase cacheted covers sold by the artists. The APS will also sponsor Stamps by the Bucket and Covers by Container where youth may acquire a bucket of stamps or a container of covers for only $1 ($5 for adults).

Dealer reservations now being accepted. Sign up today!



Participating Firms

Below is a listing of the dealers currently registered to participate.

List updated 1/30/2023  - List is being populated as dealers sign up - check back often.

Booth #
Appraisals, Plate Blocks, United States, Worldwide
Ephemera, Literature, Postal History, United States Covers
A-One Coverz
Cinderellas, Postal History, Revenues,
Bardo Stamps
Airmail, Back of the Book, Booklets, United States
Bill Barrell Ltd.
Essays & Proofs, Great Britain, Postal History, Topicals
Fred Boatwright
Airmail, Postal History, Postal Stationery, Worldwide Covers
C & D Philatelics
Postal History, Topicals, Worldwide Covers,
Cherrystone Auctions, Inc.
Auctions, United States, Worlwide,
Coast Philatelics
Postal History & Postal Stationery, Topicals, Worldwide, Worldwide Covers
Coins, Stamps 'n' Stuff (dollar)
Discount Postage, Duck Stamps, Revenues, United States
Colonial Stamp Company
Auctions, British Commonwealth, Classics, Great Britain
British Commonwealth, Postal History, U.S. Covers, Worldwide Covers
Connoisseur Stamps and Collectibles, Inc.
Appraisals, Classics, United States, Worldwide
DK Enterprises
Appraisals, Postal History, Revenues, Worldwide Covers
Engler Stamps
Airmail, Duck Stamps, Plate Blocks, United States
Classics, Latin America, Postal History, United Nations
Postal History, Postcards, United States Covers, Worldwide Covers
Fox River Stamps
Duck Stamps, Errors/Freaks/Odd., Supplies, United States
Richard Friedberg Stamps
Back of Book, Revenues, United States,
Geezer's Tweezers (reg. & Dollar)
Collections, First Day Covers, Worldwide Covers,
Global Philatelic Associates
Confederate States, Postal History, United States Covers,
Labron Harris
Appraisals, Confederate States, United States Covers, Worldwide Covers
Itty Bitty Stamp Company
U.S., Foreign, Supplies,
Eric Jackson Revenue Stamps
Back of Book, Cinderellas, Revenues, United States
Jacksonville Stamp & Coin
Duck Stamps, German, United States, U.S. Possessions
Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions/Kelleher & Rogers Fine Asian Auctions
Appraisals, Asia, Auctions, United States
Knoxville Philatelic Society Inc.
Classics, United States, Worldwide, Worldwide Covers
M & S. Hobbies
British Commonwealth, France & Colonies, United Nations, Worldwide
Markest Stamp Co.
Discount Postage, Errors/Freaks/Odd., United States, Worldwide
Match and Medicine and More
Classics, Ephemera, Revenues, United States
British Commonwealth, Postal History, Postal Stationery,
Mountainside Stamps, Coins, and Currency
Booklets, Plate Blocks, United States, Worldwide
Negev Holyland/Button Stamp Company
Auctions, France & Colonies, Worldwide Covers,
Newport Harbor Stamp Co.
Errors/Freaks/Odd., Plate Blocks, United States,
Denny Peoples
Ephemera, Postcards, Revenues, United States Covers
R.G. Stamps & Covers
Postal History, United States Covers, Worldwide Covers,
Roy's Stamps
British Commonwealth, Canada, Great Britain, Postal History
San Pedro Stamp & Coin
British Commonwealth, Classics, Great Britain, Worldwide
Robert M. Sazama
Appraisals, Collections, Worldwide,
Telah W. Smith
France & Colonies, Latin America, United Nations, Worldwide
Stamp Smith
Postal History, Topicals, United States, Worldwide
Triple "S" Postal History Inc.
Airmail, Postal History, United States Covers, Worldwide Covers
Vance Auctions Ltd.
Canada, Collections, Postal History, Worldwide Covers
Frank Wheeler Philatelist
British Commonwealth, Canada, Postal History, Postcards

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