Great American Stamp Show

Dealers, Public Auction & Cachetmakers Bourse


The heart of the show is the bourse of 75+ dealers buying and selling stamps and covers ranging in price from a few cents to hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

The dealers will be supplemented by a multi-session public auction all four days of the show. On Saturday a cachetmakers bourse will be held where collectors may purchase cacheted covers sold by the artists. The APS will also sponsor Stamps by the Bucket and Covers by Container where youth may acquire a bucket of stamps or a container of covers for only $1 ($5 for adults).

Dealer Booth Information - Click Here


List of participating dealers. Below will be a listing of the dealers currently registered to participate. The listing is updated weekly and booth numbers will be posted as soon as available. Check back weekly for updates.

Floor Plan- PDF  (as of 12/17/19)

List updated 5/14/20

Booth #
A & D Stamps and Coins
333, 335, 337
U.S., Canada, Worldwide, U.N.
A to Z Stamps 314, 316 Worldwide, U.S., Back of Book, Appraisals
Abacus Auctions   Public Auctions, Australia, British Commonwealth, Asia
aGatherin 334 U.S. Covers, Postal Ephemera, Maps, Literature
Bardo Stamps 436 U.S. #1 to Date
Bejjco of Florida, Inc.   U.S. and Worldwide Stamps, U.S. and Worldwide Postal History, U.S. Back of Book, British Commonwealth
C & D Philatelics   Worldwide Covers, Space, Postal History, Naval
Canterbury Stamps   Worldwide, U.S., Topicals, Appraisals
Chris Rainey   British Commonwealth, Great Britain
Classic Philatelist - Warren Manning   U.S. Classic Postage Stamps 1840-1940, Revenue, Match & Medicine, Back of Book
Coast Philatelics 243 U.S., Worldwide, Postal History/Covers, Topicals
Collins First Day Covers   Hand Painted Cachets, Inaugurals, Collins First Day Covers, U.S. First Day Covers
Colonial Stamp Company 326 British Empire 1840-1935, German Colonies & Offices, Rare Stamps of the World, Buying Stamps
Compustamp   Worldwide Covers, Postal History, British Commonwealth, United States Covers
Covers by the Container 259  
Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions   Public Auction Firm, Free Appraisals, Buying, Weekly Online Sales
David Grossblat 336 U.S. Covers & Postal History, Worldwide Covers & Postal History, Monaco & Andorra, Zeppelins
Denny Peoples   U.S. and Foreign Covers, Cinderellas, Revenues, Christmas Seals
Dick Smith Stamps 664 German Area, Propaganda Cards, Concentration Camp Material
Don Tocher, U.S. Classics   U.S. Classic Postal History, War Postal History, Adv. Covers, Aux. Markings
Dutch Country Auctions   Philatelic/Numismatic Auction Firm, U.S. Philatelic Collectibles, Worldwide Philatelic Collectibles, Coins & Currency
Eric Jackson Revenue Stamps 317 U.S. Revenue Stamps, U.S. Back of the Book, U.S. Telegraph Stamps, Canada Revenue Stamps
Engler Stamps   U.S., Ducks, Plate Number, Plate Blocks
Fairwinds 226 Postal History, Flight Covers, Post Cards, Stamp Boxes
FDCACE   First Cachets, Panda Catchets, First Day Covers
Fred Boatwright   Postal History, Spain, Zeppelins, Germany
G. Boris Associates   World Wide Sets and Singles
Gary Posner, Inc. 217 U.S. Classics, U.S. Graded, U.S. Back of the Book, U.S. EFOs
Geezer's Tweezers   Collections and Accumulations, Topicals, FDCs, British Colonies
George Enstrom, Ltd.   U.S. to #1936, British Commonwealth, B.O.B C's to Q's
Global Philatelic Associates 227 U.S. Postal History, Confederate, U.S. Postal Stationery, Civil War
Golden Oak Online Auctions   Auctions, British Commonwealth, United States, Worldwide
HB Philatelics   Quality United States Graded 80-100, Proofs and Essays, Federal and State Hunting Permits, Revenues
Henry Gitner Philatelists, Inc.   United States, Europe, FDCs, Topicals
Hugh Wood, Inc. 215 Insurance
Hunt & Co.   United States, Worldwide Foreign, British Commonwealth, Internet Auctions
Israel Philatelic Agency/IGPC 415 Israel New Issues, Collections, Israel Special Covers, Appraisals
Jacksonville Stamp & Coin   First Day Covers, German Colonies, Classic U.S. Stamps, Class Worldwide Stamps
James F. Taff   German Areas, United States, Confederate States, French Colonies, British Colonies
John L. Kimbrough 325 Confederate States
Kurt Sanftleben LLC   Postal History, Ephemera, Paper Americana
Labron Harris 237 U.S. & Confederate Postal History, Worldwide Postal History
Linn's Stamp News/Amos Media 235 Publications, Supplies
Mark Reasoner 547 U.S., Worldwide, Postal History, Collections & Lots
Maryland Stamps & Coins 305,307 U.S., Worldwide, British Colonies, Stamp Supplies
Miller's Stamp Company 223,225 U.S. Classics, Plate Blocks, Duck Stamps, Confederates
Mountainside 442 United States Stamps and Covers, Europe Stamps and Covers, British Commonwealth Stamps and Covers, Canada
Newport Harbor Stamp Co. 216 U.S. Classics, Plate Blocks, Errors
Nordica 413 Greenland, Faroe, Iceland, Norway
Omega International   Free Appraisals, Auctions, Wanted to Buy, Better Stamps - Key Values
Papandreour Philatelics   U.S. Fancy Cancels, U.S. Plate Blocks, Civil War Patriotics, C.S.A.
Patricia A. Kaufmann   Confederate States of America, Stamp Boxes
Professional Stamp Experts 344 Expertizing
R. A. Houser Stamps   US Classics
Rasdale Stamp Company 543 Auctions, U.S., Collections, Worldwide
REW Stamps-Coins, LLC   U.S., Worldwide, Covers, Collections/Lots
Richard Friedberg 345 U.S. Revenue Stamps, U.S. Telegraph Stamps & Covers, U.S. Back of Book
Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries   Auctions, United States, US Postal History, Worldwide
Rodriguez Archives/Cartophilians   U.S. Postal History, Connecticut Covers, Postcards, Advertising Covers
Roy E. DeLafosse, Ltd.   United States, Worldwide, Plate Blocks, Booklets
Roy's Stamps 327 Canada and Provinces Stamps and Covers, British Commonwealth Stamps and Covers, Canadian Revenues
Rusty Shoaf   Worldwide + U.S. Postal History, British Commonwealth
Satchel Stamps   Western Europe, German, France, Iceland
Stamp Art 443,445,447 Worldwide, U.S., Plate Blocks, Topics
Stamp Smith   Topicals by Topic, U.S. Stamps & Covers, Worldwide Stamps & Covers
Stamps by the Bucket 360 Worldwide
Stamps 'n' Stuff   Sheets at face, Worldwide, U.S., Revenues
Stamps, Inc   Indian States, Indian
Stanley M. Piller & Assoc. 233 Classic U.S. Stamps & Postal History, Hawaii Stamps & Postal History, Confederate Stamps & Postal History, First Issue US Revenues
Stephen T. Taylor 224 U.S. Postal History, Confederate State Postal History, U.S. Possesions Postal History, U.S. Postal Stationary
Sterling Stamps   Worldwide Lots & Collection, Auctions, Worldwide, First Day Covers
Stickney & Tocher 222 U.S. Postal History, Wordwide Postal History, China, U.S. Classics
Telah W. Smith   South & Central America, Wordwide, Middle East, Topicals
The Classic Collector 343 Expertization, Rare Stamps of the World, Classic Stamps of the World, Postal History of the World
The Gold Mine   Classic & Hand-Painted FDCs, Naval & Patriotic Covers, Advertising Covers, Foreign Worldwide Covers
Triple "S" Postal History 323 Worldwide Postal History, Covers, Airmail, Colonies
United Nations Postal Administration 417 United Nations
United States Postal Service 423 United States
Vance Auctions Ltd.   Auctions, British Commonwealth, Canada, Covers
Village Stamp & Coin   U.S., Worldwide, Collections
Vogt Stamps   Hawaii Stamps and Covers
Walter Kasell   U.S. 19th and 20th Century, U.S. Plate Block, U.S. Possessions
Wayne R. Gehret   U.S. Mint Sheets, Discount Postage, Covers, Box Lots
Wayne R. Gehret (Dollar)   Worldwide Covers, Discount Postage, Face Value Stamps
Weisz Stamps and Covers 332 Postal History, First Day Covers, Flights, Stationery
WIP International, Inc.   Canada, British North America, Provinces, Strictly Quality
Worldwide Philatelics   U.S., Worldwide


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