Great American Stamp Show

Meetings, Seminars, and Courses

The Great American Stamp Show serves as the annual meeting of three of the largest philatelic organizations in the U.S., the APS, ATA, and the AFDCS. In addition more than 30 other philatelic organizations will participate in the show, many with a booth and or meetings and seminars. A show passport will serve as a guide for sponsor and society booths and encourage exploration and collection.

The current Show Schedule:

(Schedule is subject to change. Schedule is updated weekly.)

Society/Organization Meeting/Seminar/Event Date Time


American Topical Association American Topical Association Board Meeting Wednesday, Aug. 19th 8AM - 2PM Room 22
American First Day Cover Society Pre-Show Tour to Mystic Seaport Wednesday, Aug. 19th 9AM -5PM Off-Site
American Philatelic Society APS & APRL Joint Board Meeting Wednesday, Aug. 19th 10AM - 4PM Room 21
  Tiffany Talk Wednesday, Aug. 19th 4:30PM - 5:30PM Rooms 26 & 27 
  Campaign for Philately Reception Wednesday, Aug. 19th 5:30PM - 7PM Cityside Lounge
American First Day Cover Society Executive Committee Meeting Wednesday, Aug. 19th 6PM - 8PM Room 11
Royal Philatelic Society London RPSL Dinner Wednesday, Aug. 19th 7PM


American First Day Cover Society General Meeting Wednesday, Aug. 19th 8PM -10PM Room 22
  Jury Breakfast Thursday, Aug. 20th 7:30AM Room 25
  Show Opens Thursday, Aug. 20th 10AM Show Floor
United States Postal Service First Day Ceremony Thursday, Aug. 20th 12PM Show Floor
  Stamp Soiree Thursday, Aug. 20th 6PM - 9PM Wadsworth Atheneum
  Show Closes Thursday, Aug. 20th 6PM Show Floor
  Show Opens Friday, Aug. 21st 10AM Show Floor
American Topical Association American Topical Association Annual Meeting Friday, Aug. 21st 1PM - 2:30PM  
  Show Closes Friday, Aug. 21st 6PM Show Floor
American Philatelic Society General Meeting Saturday, Aug. 22nd 9AM Rooms 12 & 13
  Show Opens Saturday, Aug. 22nd 10AM Show Floor
  Judge's Feedback Forum Saturday, Aug. 22nd 2PM - 4:30PM Rooms 12 & 13
  Exhibit Medal Level Ceremony Saturday, Aug. 22nd 4:30PM Rooms 12 & 13
  Show Closes Saturday, Aug. 22nd 6PM Show Floor
  Celebration Banquet Reception Saturday, Aug. 22nd 6:15PM - 7PM Ballroom C Pre-Function
  Celebration Banquet Saturday, Aug. 22nd 7PM Ballroom C
  Dealer Breakfast Sunday, Aug. 23rd 8AM Rooms 26 & 27
  Writer's Unit Breakfast Sunday, Aug. 23rd 8:30AM Room 25
  Show Opens Sunday, Aug. 23rd 10AM Show Floor
  Show Closes Sunday, Aug. 23rd 4PM Show Closes
American First Day Cover Society Post-Show Dinner Sunday, Aug. 23rd TBD Off-Site

To Host a Meeting/Seminar:

Are you interested in hosting a meeting or seminar?
Complete the Meeting/Seminar Form (Fillable PDF) and email to  

*Please note that we cannot provide laptops for presentations and cannot guarantee free wifi at the show venues.*

On-the-Road Courses:

The APS sponsors numerous “On-the-Road Courses” during the show. There is limited capacity for these courses for which a fee and advance registration is required.Information on the courses will be announced at a later date. Check back for updates.

See additional details for cost and registering for a course.

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