Volunteer - Help at GASS '24

Many volunteers are needed for our annual stamp show! Stamp collectors, friends, non-collectors, APS members, family and youth are welcome – stamp knowledge is not required. Most volunteer activity occurs on-site immediately preceding, during, or following the show.

For ease of scheduling, a minimum of a two-hour shift is preferred. For each day that four or more hours of service are provided, we will reimburse reasonable out-of-pocket costs for parking at the show venue. Training and written instructions will be provided for most tasks.  See tasks and basic descriptions below.


To Volunteer:

Review the tasks and times below and either use the
ONLINE VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP  or you can mail-in a fillable PDF form. 




GASS Volunteer Duties & Descriptions

Below are the days and times for which we need volunteer assistance. 
NOTE:  For ease in scheduling, we request assistance in two-hour shifts.  The quantity of people needed is per shift.
Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before your shift.


Qty. People per shift

Description / Skills

Days/Dates Needed

Times (2-hr. shifts preferred)

Dealer Check-In






2 people

Welcome dealers.  Record their arrival.  Hand-out programs and name badges.  Record information for additional badges to be made in the show office.  Point out booth locations on a floor plan.  
Skills:  Personable.  Patient.  Welcoming of dealers who have traveled long distances, and may be tired.  Ability to read a floor plan.  Basic organizational skills.  


Wed.  Aug. 14

Thur.  Aug. 15





Noon - 7 p

8 am - 10 am





Exhibit Mounting

10-20 people

Assist exhibitors in mounting their exhibits and securing frames (two screws in front of frame and two screws in bottom of frame).  Mount exhibits of individuals not present.  Securing frames requires bending or kneeling on floor for lower screws.  For mounting and dismounting previous experience as an exhibitor or volunteer at other shows is preferred.


Wed.  Aug. 14


Noon - 8 pm


Exhibit Dismounting

20 people

Assist exhibitors in removing or 'dismounting' their exhibits in the frames.  Also, dismount exhibits on behalf of individuals not present.  Able-bodied volunteers are needed for removing security screws from the bottom of the frame before exhibits are dismounted and remove frame labels

Sun.  Aug. 18

4 pm -  6 pm

Frame Preparation

2 people

Clean Plexiglas.  Do minor repairs (replace paper backing).  Apply teflon tape where missing (for labels to be placed on).  Remove old labels.  Apply new labels (frame numbers & exhibit classes).  Skills:  Able to stand for periods of time.  Experience with stamp frames helpful.


Tu.     Aug 13

Wed.  Aug. 14

4 - 6 pm

10 am - 6 pm


4 people

Greet visitors.  Answer basic questions (restrooms, entrance, meeting room locations).  Distribute show programs, preregistration packets (containing name badges and pre-purchased event tickets).  Collect on-site registration forms, hand-out name badge & holder. 
Skills:  Enjoy working with the public; Alphabetization.

Wed.  Aug. 14

Thur.  Aug. 15

Fri.    Aug. 16

Sat.   Aug. 17

Sun.  Aug. 18

11:30 a - 7 p

8 am - 6 pm

8:30 am - 6 pm

8:30 am - 6 pm

9 am - 4 pm

Stamps by the Bucket/ Covers by the Container

2 people

Collect money and monitor the Stamps by the Bucket/ Covers by the Container area where youth (15 and under) may fill a bucket full of stamps for $1, and adults for $5. 
Skills:  Enjoy interaction with adults and kids. Comfortable handling small amounts of cash.  Monitor guests to prevent stuffing of pockets.

Thur.  Aug. 15

Fri.    Aug. 16

Sat.   Aug. 17

Sun.  Aug. 18

10 am - 6 pm
Thurs - Sat

10 am - 4 pm


Youth Area

1 person

Assist youth in prearranged activities.  Answer basic questions about stamp collecting. 
Skills:  Basic knowledge of stamp collecting. 

Thur.  Aug. 15

Fri.    Aug. 16

Sat.   Aug. 17

Sun.  Aug. 18

11 am - 2 pm
Thurs. - Sun.



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