Circuit Sales acts as an agent for APS members who wish to sell their philatelic material through our mail sales program which offers a hands-on shopping experience to buyers. If you are not a member, we invite you to join today!

Terms of Sale

Submitting items through sales books constitutes agreement of our Circuit Mail Terms of Sale.

Selling is Easy!

1. Purchase Supplies
Special sales books and clear mounts are used. Here is information for ordering.

CIRCUIT BOOKS - The APS sales books measure 5 x 8-inches and are available from us in five different styles depending on the type material you are submitting (singles, blocks, or cover). Items larger than the book size of 5 x 8 inches cannot be accepted.
MOUNTS - Mounts will be used to secure your items to the book pages. Note that the APS no longer sells mounts. Mounts are available from

Suggested sizes listed:
• For reg. singles/standard commemorative - 1 5/8” x 1 1/2” + Flap, Crystal Clear Bags® [SKU: B1X1] (View)
• For larger singles and regular blocks of 4 - 2 1/2” x 2 1/2” + Flap, Crystal Clear Bags® [SKU: B2X2] (View)
• For normal commemorative plate blocks - 4 1/2” x 2 13/16” + Flap, Crystal Clear Bags® [SKU: B4X2] (View)
• For No. 6 ¾ envelopes - 6 11/16” x 4 3/4” + Flap, Crystal Clear Bags® [SKU: B56M] (View)
• For No. 10 envelopes - 9 7/8” x 4 7/16” + Flap, Crystal Clear Bags® [SKU: B49XL] (View)
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If other types of mounts are used, please note they should be closed on at least two sides, preferably three sides, so the items are secure thus no loss or damage can occur.
2. Prepare and submit your items
The seller mounts, describes, and prices items within each sales book, and sends the completed book(s) to Circuit Sales via insured or registered mail, depending on the seller’s preference for mail security. 

3. Items are received and prepared for circulation
Circuit Sales checks each sales book for pricing, clarity of description, and proper mounting. Each book is then assigned to a category; given a unique APS book number; photographed (each page is photographed for the protection of our members); and an acknowledgement is sent to the seller.
4. Circulation Time 18 months
Sales books are circulated for approximately 18 months, after which, they are automatically processed for retirement and returned to the owner with payment for items sold. A book will be retired before eighteen months if there is less than $10 in unsold material remaining.

NOTE: BOOKS MAY TAKE LONGER THAN 18 MONTHS TO BE PAID OUT AS THE CIRCUIT MEMBERS MAY NOT HAVE THEM RETURNED TO US IN ORDER TO RETIRE AT EXACTLY 18 MONTHS. Some may pay out in 20+ months. *** We no longer accept books for 24 months - 18 months is the standard option.


Payment and Charges

Payment is made to the seller upon retirement of the sales book, and after deduction of appropriate charges:

  • 20% commission on material sold, with a $3.00 minimum per book.
  • 1% insurance charge, based on the original value submitted. (This provides complete coverage against loss or damage while the material is in the hands of Circuit Sales.)
  • Return shipping/handling.
  • Any fines levied by examiners for improperly identified items.
  • All Circuit Sales charges are deducted at the time of retirement and are itemized on the retirement statement.

Note: We process books for retirement in the first two weeks of each month and the books are mailed. Checks are mailed separately around the 15th of each month.
Refer to our Terms of Sale for full details.

Here are a few frequently asked questions, simply click on the question to see the answer. Or feel free to contact our staff by calling (814) 933-3803 ext. 228 or by email [email protected].

I think one of the stamps in my retired sales book has been substituted or damaged on a circuit. What recourse do I have?
Use the Damage/Substitution Claim Form. Send us the completed form and the book with only the claimed item. After checking against our digital records, the claim will be processed accordingly. If you are right, the APS will pay your loss.
What do the entries on the backs of sales books mean?
Each entry documents the specific circuit (multiple, club, or direct) to which the sales book was sent. Logging each circuit ensures that the book is not sent out on the same circuit again.
Which catalogue should I use to price my stamps?
You may use any generally recognized catalogue, as long as it is identified in the space provided on the front cover of the sales book. See Catalogue for examples of those that are used by our sellers.
What percentage of catalogue value should I charge for my stamps?
The material submitted by most sellers falls within 40%-60% of the catalogue values. Our more successful sellers price their items below the 50% level. Faults, such as pulled perfs, thins, tears, scuff marks, no gum on mint stamps, etc., would reduce the asking price considerably. For example, do not expect to sell a stamp with a rounded corner for more than 20%-25% of the catalogue value. There are some exceptions to these pricing limits.

In general, pricing of items should be no more than 65% of the catalogue values. The listed values for never hinged, mint (unused) and used in Scott’s are for very fine condition. Your chosen pricing percentage could be applied to both unused and used material.


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