Where to Get Stamps?

As a beginning stamp collector, the first thing you must do is gather some STAMPS! There are lots of places where you can get stamps.

Here are some good sources:

Your Mailbox

Save stamps from envelopes, packages, and postcards that come to your house.

Local Post Office

You can purchase new (mint) stamps from your local post office.

Friends, Relatives and Local Businesses

Ask friends, relatives, and local businesses to save their stamps for you.

Pen Pals

Find a pen pal, perhaps a friend or relative, so you can send each other letters with cool stamps.

Stamp Dealers

Stamp dealers are a great source of older stamps and often offer inexpensive packages containing many different stamps from all over the world. To find a stamp dealer in your area visit the online APS Dealer Directory.

Local Stamp Clubs

Join a local stamp club where you can trade with members or ask for help getting started. To find a club in your area visit the online APS Stamp Club Directory.

Stamp Shows

Find stamps and meet other collectors at stamp shows. To find a show near you visit the online APS Show Calendar.


The APS Online StampStore and APS Sales by Mail are excellent sources for APS members to buy stamps. Both markets facilitate member to member sales.

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