Premium Item Designation

StampStore currently has over 300,000 items for sale, which may be overwhelming to some buyers. Quality varies for every item and we have buyers for all types of material — for those looking for the higher-end material we have released a new "Premium Item" designation.

We created the Premium Designation as a way to feature the higher valued, flawless items and allow for them to be easily searched. These items will be accompanied with the Crown premium icon shown above.

Two Qualifications Required for Premium Designation:

  1. The item must have a sale price of $250 or more.
  2. The item must be accompanied with a current, clean certificate of authenticity (no flaws noted – no thins, hinges, tears, creases, perf damage, etc.). The industry standard for a current certificate is considered five years.

The cost will remain the same 20 cents per submission, will include full details from the certificate of authenticity in the description, will feature the "Premium Crown" icon designation , and will be searchable for buyers to view just these premium items. And, the APS commissions for these premium items will be the same as all other items (see our tiered commission table).


How to Submit Premium Items

If you have items you want to sell that meet these qualifications:

  1. Use the new submission form – be sure to check the "Premium" listing box.
  2. Include the certificate of authenticity with the submission form (it can be stapled to the back or the submission can be placed in a page protector).
  3. As with all submissions, be sure to include a batch cover sheet with your membership information/payment and send submissions to APS.


How Buyers Search Submit Premium Items

Buyers are now able to search for the premium items by using the "Listing Type" pull down on the search screen and selecting "Premium".