Ad Sizes & Rates

4 COLOR            Space unit Inches
  1x 3x 6x 12x   Full Page 7.25x10
Full Page $2,085 $2,010 $1,945 $1,840   with Bleed 7.5x10.25
2/3  $1,565 $1,505 $1,455 $1,380   2/3-Page Vertical 4.75x10
1/2 $1,255 $1,210 $1,165 $1,105   with Bleed 5x10.25
1/3 $830 $805 $770 $735   2/3-Page Horizontal 7.25x7
1/4 $690 $665 $640 $610   with Bleed 7.5x7.25
1/6 $455 $445 $425 $405   1/2-Page Vertical 7.25x5
1/8 Business Card $380 $360 $345 $330   with Bleed 7.5x5.25
2" Marketplace $245 $240 $230 $220   1/2-Page Horizontal 3.5x10
1" Marketplace $125 $120 $115 $110   with Bleed 3.75x10.25
            1/3-Page Vertical 2.25x10
COVERS           with Bleed 2.5x10.25
2nd $2,400 $2,310 $2,230 $2,110   1/3-Page Horizontal 4.75x5
3rd $2,295 $2,210 $2,130 $2,015   with Bleed 5x5.25
4th $2,710 $2,615 $2,520 $2,385   1/6-Page Vertical 2.25x5
            with Bleed 2.5x5.25
BLACK & WHITE           1/6-Page Horizontal 4.75x2.55
Rates available upon request.           with Bleed 5x2.8
            1/8-Page Business Card 3.5x2
            with Bleed 3.75x2.25
            2-Inch marketplace 2.25x2
            with Bleed 2.5x2.25
            1-Inch marketplace 2.25x1
            with Bleed 2.5x1.25
Printing Information
Trim Size 8 3/8 x 10 13/16 inches
(212.72 x 274.64 mm)
Actual Page Image Area 7 5/16 x 10 inches
(185.67 x 254 mm)
Bleed 8 5/8 x 11 1/4 inches
(219.07 x 285.75 mm)
Line Screen 133 Lines per Inch
Technology Computer-to-Plate
Press Web
Binding Perfect bound

* Requests for special positions must be made at least two months in advance of desired publication date.

** If you request that your ad be tied to a particular feature, we guarantee only that your ad will run in close proximity.

Multi-Column Price List Ads

We Do Not provide typesetting service for ads containing extensive price lists. These ads are accepted only in digital format, and we charge $75 per hour, 1 hour minimum for the time required to produce your ad.

Digital Files

If digital files are not properly sized, or do not otherwise meet our specifications, you will be charged $75 per hour for modifications necessary to produce your ad. You may send your ads via e-mail, on CD, or upload to WeTransfer. We are not responsible for color quality of digital files sent without a hard copy proof to verify color shades.

Billing Information

Your advertising invoice is generally mailed on the 15th of each month. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice. You may request that your ads be charged automatically to your VISA, MasterCard or Discover.

Overdue Accounts

A late payment of 1½ percent per month is added to advertising accounts that are more than 60 days past due. We encourage all advertisers to keep their accounts up-to-date. Failure to pay for advertising can result in expulsion from the Society, legal action, and/or court fees.

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