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The PLR is the official journal of the American Philatelic Research Library and its articles reflect the interests of philatelic researchers and literature collectors. The PLR's nearly 1,700 subscribers include libraries around the world, enlarging its potential readership. Published quarterly, it is kept as a reference volume so your ad will be seen over and over again.

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1st Quarter   January 17
2nd Quarter   April 17
3rd Quarter   July 17
4th Quarter   October 17

Display advertisers will be invoiced upon publication of their ads.

A PLR Dealer Directory is published in the 1st and 3rd Quarter issues and is FREE to advertisers who have a display ad in these issues, otherwise there is a $25 fee per listing.

Interested in advertising in the Philatelic Literature Review? Contact your FOX representative or Steve Schwanz at 800-440-0231 x114 or [email protected], subject line “PLR.”

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