Local Club Circuits

Is your club looking for meeting ideas? Why not request Sales Circuits to share at your meetings. It is a great way to help members purchase material for their collection.

How can your club request circuits?


  1. The club should appoint an individual to serve as the club's circuit manager (manager must be an APS member). The circuit manager will poll the club members for their collecting interests - click here for the current circuit categories.
  2. The manager then completes/submits the following:
  3. The APS will then mail circuits to arrive prior to the scheduled meeting. Each shipment will contain 15-20 books of member owned material for sale matching the interests of the club.
  4. Upon arrival the circuit manager should review each of the books making sure all spaces are accounted for and report any that are missing a buyer mark or green APS mark.
  5. At the scheduled meeting, club members peruse the books and report purchases to the circuit manager. The circuit manager then marks the purchases in each book, completes the report sheet tallying purchases, collects funds, and returns the circuit to the APS - Circuits should be returned within 30 days of the meeting date.

    ***NOTE: The circuit books should not be sent home with individual club members -- the circuits are intended for the club meeting and are the responsibility of the circuit manager and assistant manager as established with the APS.

Detailed instructions are provided with each circuit mailing.



Special Club Insurance Available


Beginning January 1, 2020 the APS provides FREE insurance coverage to our Clubs for up to $6,000 for sales circuits while in the club's possession. The Free Chapter Circuit Insurance Agreement must be completed to be eligible.

Club Circuit Request Forms:


Medina (Ohio) County Stamp Club
members viewing circuit books at
club meeting.

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