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The prestige of the American Philatelic Society and the strength of our 30,000 members enable us to establish this all-new APS Stamp Insurance Plan. By joining with Hugh Wood, Inc., the most prestigious stamp insurer in the world, and the Berkley Asset Protection companies, America’s premier collectibles underwriter, we can bring you the best insurance program ever offered to stamp collectors.

Better Coverage • Competitive Rates • Outstanding Service

Call for more information:
or  1-814-933-3821 
APS membership is a prerequiste to participate in this insurance plan.

Hugh Wood, Inc.
220 Match Factory Place
Bellefonte, PA 16823
Fax: 814-933-3826
Email: [email protected]


What is insured?
  • All Risk of physical loss or damage as specified in the policy
  • Any individual stamp, cover, block, or other postal history item, including albums
  • Appraisals may be required for individual items valued in excess of $25,000
  • Shipping up to $75,000 (or your coverage limit if less)
  • Provides up to $1,000,000 (or your coverage limit if less) for carrying and exhibiting coverage
  • The fair market replacement cost of your collection
What is the insurance program?
  • An affordable way to buy insurance for your collection
  • Negotiated by the APS to give you the best prices and coverages
  • An important membership benefit
  • The only insurance endorsed by the American Philatelic Society
  • A vital product to protect your investment
  • Provided under contract to the APS by Hugh Wood, Inc. who ensures long term stability and available of the insurance protection
Why buy APS stamp insurance?
  • Your homeowners policy is likely to have a very small limit
  • Other policies will need you to spend hours listing your collections and requiring appraisals
  • The APS program is very competitively priced and results in a big savings compared to most homeowners policies
  • Is administered by HWI who are known worldwide for their experience in stamp insurance

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