Library Services

Take advantage of Library services online or through the mail. Researchers are welcome to visit the library at the American Philatelic Center in Bellefonte. For those who cannot travel to Bellefonte, the APRL offers photocopy and scanning services as well as reference assistance by phone and e-mail. APS and APRL members may borrow books directly by mail and non-members may borrow books through interlibrary loan.

Search our Holdings

Search the NEW online catalog of the APRL's extensive collection of book titles, journal holdings, articles, and auction catalogs. In addition to the  online catalog, the APRL uses the Piper File, a card index of most U.S. philatelic periodicals from the 1880s through the late 1960s. The library will photocopy Piper File references on your topic, so you can select appropriate periodical articles. Request books and articles right from the catalog using the cart feature.

Borrow Books

APS and APRL members within North American may borrow up to five books at a time by mail (non-members may borrow books through interlibrary loan – see below). All borrowed material must be returned using delivery confirmation (USPS Tracking). In some cases the library will ask you to have added insurance coverage. See user fees below and read our Circulation Policy for more information.

Request Photocopies or Scans

Members and non-members may request mailed photocopies or emailed scans of selections from any of the materials in the APRL collection (except some archival and special collection items) including books, journal articles, stamp catalogs, auction catalogs, names sales, etc. The APRL provides copies in compliance with U.S. Code Title 17 (copyright code). See user fees below (note non-members pay higher base fees).

Get Answers to Research Questions

The Library's friendly and knowledgeable staff is available to help with research questions. Contact the staff by emailing [email protected] or via Phone: 814-933-3803 ext. 240.

Interlibrary Loan (Non-Members)

The APRL loans available materials to non-members through the Interlibrary Loan System. To request an interlibrary loan, contact your local library. and ask that they request the materials by emailing [email protected] or via phone 814-933-3803 ext. 240. The APRL does not loan materials directly to non-members. Interlibrary loan requests must come from and are the responsibility of the requesting library. The same user fees apply to interlibrary loans as those for APS members (see below).



User Fees

To help cover the costs incurred in providing library services, fees are:

Base Fee:
$10 per shipment/request (includes up to 15 minutes of staff time)

Add a $5 surcharge to fees above.

Borrowing Material
(members U.S. and Canada only):

Base fee plus $5 for the first book, $1 for each subsequent book, and $.25 per page for any photocopies or scans; late fee of $1 per week if materials are not returned or renewed by the due date. Additional shipping costs for Canadian addresses or rush delivery may apply.

15 copies included in the base fee plus $.25 per page afterwards. With a book order, $.25 per page. Additional shipping costs for non-U.S. addresses or rush delivery may apply.

$5 for the first page; $.25 per additional page. With a book order, $.25 per page.

Microfilm scanning:
Microfilm that can be automated: Base fee $10 plus staff time (After the initial 15 minutes included in the base fee, $20 per hour, billed in half-hour increments, estimated $30 per roll). Microfilm that must be scanned manually: $4 for the first page; $.25 per additional page.

Fax Services:
$4 for the first page; $1 per additional page.

Extensive Photocopies/Research:
After the initial 15 minutes included in the base fee, $20 per hour, billed in half-hour increments.

Interlibrary loans:
Libraries may request interlibrary loan of material on behalf of non-members by contacting the APRL. Loans will be provided at the member rate and libraries will be held responsible for the return of material.

If we anticipate that a request will require additional time (long photocopy requests, etc.) we will notify the requestor by email whenever possible. The APRL reserves the right to refuse requests that will place an undue burden on staff or resources or in order to preserve fragile materials.



Contact the Library

If you have additional questions, our Library staff is ready to help, email [email protected] or call 814-933-3803, ext. 240

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