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Clearance Circuits are previously circulated books that sellers discount the remaining value at a "buy all or nothing" opportunity.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These circuits are sent "on demand" only, so it is important to note that if it is not a popular category, there is a chance the clearance books will not be viewed in the 18 months.

  • Sellers may submit previously returned sales books that have not been remounted or material removed since they were returned to the seller.
  • Or, they may choose to have their current sales books converted to the clearance inventory when they are due for their normal retirement (at eighteen months). They will then receive a check for the sales at that point, along with an account statement. The books will then be reprocessed as new books with new APS book numbers, and the remaining values adjusted for the seller’s chosen discounts.



  1. "Clearance" books must have a pre-discount value of $20 per book and have a number of items remaining in them.
  2. “Clearance” books must be discounted to encourage quick sales. Seller's determine the percentage decrease in the price asked for the remaining contents. We suggest 30% or more, depending on what the original pricing was in comparison to the catalogue value.
  3. The circulation time for Clearance Books is eighteen months — the same general circulation time as for the regular sales books. At the end of eighteen months, any remaining books are processed for retirement.
  4. All books sold are paid at the time of retirement less the 20% APS commission and 1% insurance fee. Unsold clearance books are charged the minimum $2 commission, the 1 % insurance fund fee, and the return postage.


Categories Rarely Requested

In general all United States areas are well received; however, there are several categories that are rarely requested:

  • All of the topical areas
  • U.N.
  • Independent Africa
  • Mixed countries of Europe, Southern Europe, Central Europe and Benelux.
  • The least requested U.S. areas are First Day Covers and blocks
    including blocks of four, booklets and panes, etc.).

This means that if we receive a lot of books in these categories, the seller might be getting them back after eighteen months with little or no circulation.

If you have additional questions, our Sales staff is ready to help, email [email protected] or call 814-933-3803, ext. 231

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