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The American Philatelic Society is proud to offer downloadable stamp albums that you may print for personal use or distribute free of charge.

The albums range from as few as four to more than 30 pages and include background information on the illustrated stamps. Albums are not necessarily comprehensive. They focus on face different stamps that the average collector has a reasonable chance to acquire often excluding expensive items and varieties. With the exception of U.S. annual pages most are licensed by Scott Publishing Company and include the Scott Catalog numbers.

All Albums by Category


A Stamp for Every Country (Jan. 2014), by The Smithsonian National Postal Museum

Swiss Sampler (July 2009), by The American Helvetia Philatelic Society

United States 2008 Issues (Feb. 2009)

United States 2009 Issues (Jan. 2010)

United States 2010 Issues (January 2011)

United States 2011 Issues (January 2012)

United States 2012 Issues (January 2013)

United States 2013 Issues (January 2014)

United States 2014 Issues (January 2015)

United States 2015 Issues (January 2016)

United States 2016 Issues (December 2016)

United States 2017 Issues (December 2017)

United States 2018 Issues (January 2019)

United States 2019 Issues (January 2020)

United States 2020 Issues (December 2020).

United States Flags of Our Nation I (June 2008)

United States Flags of Our Nation II (Sept. 2008)

United States Flags of Our Nation III (Aug. 2009)

United States Flags of Our Nation IV (May 2010)

United States Flags of Our Nation V (June 2011)

United States Flags of Our Nation VI (August 2012)



Alabama (Feb. 2019)

Alaska (Jan. 2009)

Arizona (Dec. 2008, updated Dec. 2018)

Arkansas (Dec. 2013)

California, Northern (July 2012)

California, Southern (Jan. 2010)

California, Southern Supplement (Feb. 2015)

Connecticut Supplement (August 2014)

Connecticut (May 2008)

Georgia Supplement (Nov. 2015)

Georgia (Dec. 2011)

Hawaii (Sept. 2009)

Illinois (July 2013)

Kentucky (Dec. 2012)

Maine (Nov. 2014)

Michigan Supplement (July 2015)

Michigan (Sept. 2010)

Minnesota (Oct. 2013)

Missouri (Nov. 2009)

Nevada (May 2017)

New Mexico (Nov. 2011)

New York (May 2016)

North Carolina (Dec. 2007)

Ohio (May 2011)

Oregon (Oct. 2009)

Pennsylvania (Mar. 2009)

Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh (July 2009)

Rhode Island (Aug. 2010)

South Carolina (Nov. 2010)

Texas (Nov. 2008)

Utah (June 2014)

Virginia (April 2010)

Washington (Sept. 2017)

Wisconsin (March 2013)

Wisconsin Addendum (July 2013)



1812-Civil-War (July 2018)

African American Heritage (Nov. 2020) -provided by APS member Thomas Nichols

APS 125 Years! (Sept. 2011)

Abraham Lincoln (Feb. 2009)

Baseball (May 2012)

Black Heritage Series (revised Sept. 2017)

Childhood (Dec. 2010)

Chris Calle Designed (Aug. 2008)

Gone Fishing (Aug. 2011)

Here Be Dragons (Aug. 2018)

Hispanic (Jan. 2010)

History of the Civil War on Stamps (2020) - provided by APS Member Dan Pattison

Hooray for Hollywood (April 2011)

Hooray for Hollywood the Sequel (April 2011)

Love (Feb. 2011)

Love Supplement (Feb. 2014)

Madonna and Child (Aug. 2016)

Military History of America Vol. 1 (Nov. 2012)

Military History of America - Expanded Descriptions & Biographies (Nov. 2012)

National Parks (July 2010)

National Park Supplement (March 2012)

Nondenominated Stamps (March 2011/revised 2016)

Olympics (June 2012)

Santa (Dec. 2009/revised 2016)

Space (Oct. 2010)

Women: The First 50 on U.S. Stamps (Apr. 2009)

Women on U.S. Stamps 1958-2008 (May 2009)
(A List of Women and Women-Related Topics on U.S. Stamps, 1958-2008)

Latest Album Releases

2020 Stamp Issues

(released December 2020)

2019 Stamp Issues Album from APS
2019 Stamp Issues
(released January 2020)

Alabama Bicentennial Album from APS
Alabama Bicentennial
(updated February 2019)

2018 Stamp Issues Album from APS
2018 Stamp Issues
(released January 2019)

Stamps of Arizona Album from APS
Stamps of Arizona
(updated December 2018)

(released August 2018)

1812-Civil War
1812 - Civil War
(released July 2018)

2017 US Stamps
2017 US Stamps
(released December 2017)

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