We continually monitor categories that are in particularly short supply for the circuit books (not StampStore). If you have the material in these areas that you are interested in selling, consider using APS circuit sales.

Also note below is a listing that is overstocked and not needed at this time.
Updated 09/22

Questions, contact the APS Sales Staff at 814-933-3803 ext. 228.

LIST of countries needed

U.S. 19th Century - Stamps and Covers Australian States Ethiopia
U.S. Airmails (stamps) Hungary Germany pre-1945
U.S. Back of the Book British pre-Elizabeth German Colonies and States and pre-1945   
U.S. Coils British Victorian Era Global airmails   
U.S. Fancy Cancels British Carribean Poland
U.S. Possessions Baltic States Liberia
U.S. Precancels Danzig Czechoslovakia
U.S. Revenues (non-duck stamps)                          China Spain and Spanish Colonies
U.S. Plate # Singles                                                     Israel (stamps) Portugal and Colonies
U.S. Cut Squares  Japan (pre-1960) Ryukus (stamps)
U.S. Used and Mint (pre-1950) Latin America (single country books)  British North America
U.S. Officials Topical - space stamps      British Atlantic   


LIST of countries NOT needed

Global First Day Covers                        Thailand
Global General (mint/used)                 Brazil             
U.S. First Day Covers                           U.N. Covers 
U.S. plate blocks                                   U.S. Covers                                            


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