What is the Mighty Buck Club

The Mighty Buck Club provides an affordable opportunity to make a BIG difference. We wanted a campaign where we could show our members that donations even in small amounts pooled together can provide much needed funds to improve APS/APRL services and support the hobby.

How will the club support the hobby?

The Mighty Buck Club supports the hobby by building a designated MBC fund, one buck at a time, for providing:

  • Much needed technology, reference literature, and supplies to improve the APS and APRL member services;
  • Subsidy funds for additional education programming when possible;
  • Additional journals for the APRL and member use;
  • Additional resources and equipment for use at APS shows;
  • Supplies to enhance APC visitors’ experiences.
Mighty Buck Purchases

Mighty Buck purchases made through the generosity of the many members who contributed to the Mighty Buck Club, here we provide a list of what you have made possible so far! Check back often to see how one buck at a time, dollars add up to make big things happen!

Library Scanner

BookScan Station

The American Philatelic Research Library uses this overhead scanner to digitize fragile material, oversized books, and more without damaging the collection.



The APS van came in handy this fall when APS staff transported over 1.5 million stamps to Stoughton High School to jumpstart their Holocaust Stamp Project.



Your Mighty Buck contributions purchased tables and chairs for our classroom spaces. We can now accommodate students for Summer Seminar, meetings and symposium courses.

How to Become a Member:

To join the club it only takes $12 (equal to $1/month!) Becoming a member of the Mighty Buck Club is as easy as buying a stamp online. Just go to the donate link and follow the prompts to make your $12 or more donation.

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