To contact the staff call 814-933-3803 and use the direct dial extension shown below. Dial "0" at any time to reach the receptionist. Email links are also provided with each name.

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Accounting     Ext.
  Chief Administrative Officer Jeff Krantweiss 216
  Staff Accountant Lisa Clemson 213
Advertising     Ext.
  Advertising Sales (Display Ads) Steve Schwanz/FOX Associates 800-440-0231 x114
  Advertising Sales (Classified Ads) Chad Cowder 223
American Philatelist     Ext.
  Editor in Chief Susanna Mills 207
  Senior Editor Jeff Stage  
  Graphic Designer Chad Cowder 223
  Letters to the Editor Click to submit 814-933-3803
  Submit an article Click to submit 814-933-3803
Books     Ext.
  Book Publishing Susanna Mills 207
  Book Sales Wendy Masorti 218
Club & Affiliate Directory     Ext.
    Wendy Masorti 218
Committee Information     Ext.
    Scott English 219
Dealer Directory     Ext.
    Wendy Masorti 218
Donations     Ext.
    Scott English 219
  Executive Assistant Amy Larimer 225
Education     Ext.
  Director Eric Spielvogel 239
  Education Coordinator 238
Election Information     Ext.
    Scott English 219
Estate Advice     Ext.
    Ken Martin 205
Event Calendar     Ext.
    Sarah Myers 209
Executive Director     Ext.
    Scott English 219
Expertizing Services     Ext.
  Director of Expertizing Ken Martin 205
  Questions (Submissions, Status Reports) Sharon Shawley 206
Facility     Ext.
  Room/Event Rentals Nora DeGeorge 201
  Tenant Rentals Jeff Krantweiss 216
  Building Superintendent Fred Fox 232
Historian (Society Historian)      
Inherited a Collection      
    Click for Information  
  Hugh Wood, Inc. 1-888-APS-6494  
Library     Ext.
  Librarian Scott Tiffney 246
  Book Renewals Alicia Leathers 240
  Reference Questions Marsha Garman 241
Membership     Ext.
  Director of Membership/Shows Wendy Masorti 218
  Member Disputes Wendy Masorti 218
  Address/E-mail Changes Nora DeGeorge 201
  Mailing List Requests Sarah Myers 209
  Membership Status Verifications Nora DeGeorge 201
Philatelic Literature Review     Ext.
  Editor in Chief Susanna Mills 207
  Advertising Steve Schwanz/FOX Associates 800-440-0231
  Articles Click to submit 814-933-3803
Stamp Sales     Ext.
  Director Carol Hoffman 270
  Circuit Mail Questions Carol Hoffman 270
  Club Circuit Questions Bill Dixon 228
  Online StampStore Questions Sharon Shawley 271
Shows and Events     Ext.
  Director of Membership/Shows Wendy Masorti 218
  Shows Assistant Sarah Myers 209
Social Media     Ext.
  Digital Marketing Specialist Chris Owolabi 210     Ext.
  Technical Issues Kent Ball 237
Youth Activities     Ext. 239

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