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Craving a way to learn more about your favorite stamp, cover, or postal history item while meeting fellow collectors?

C3a – Collecting and Connecting Central Academy

C3a is the best place to fulfill that philatelic craving. C3a is an on-demand, online learning tool containing videos, learning modules, and resources that cover a wide variety of topics and interest areas. This year for Giving Tuesday we want to build a better space for connecting with fellow collectors while you learn!

"I never thought learning could be so much fun!"

"Presenters are very knowledgeable and share lots of practical information that will help me become a better collector"

Want to have a hand in building more connections within the C3a learning platform?

For just $25 , you can support the C3a community as we connect philatelists through leaderboards, closed captioning, certificates, and social forums.


Donate Your Time on National Philanthropy Day

Donate your time as a presenter on C3a to share knowledge with the philatelic community on a topic or collecting interest through this form.

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