Show Preparation and Forms

A successful stamp show requires a lot of advance work. While most organizers can benefit from the institutional memory of committee members, the world of stamp shows is not static. These documents share the work of several successful national level shows and provide an overview of typical tasks for new committee members or chairs. Smaller events can use just those portions applicable to their shows.

Below are some resources and forms to help with show preparation. 

(Many thanks to Richard Drews who gathered most of this information)

Before the Show:

Rules for World Series of Philately Shows- As printed in the Manual of Philatelic Judging 

Show Time Form- Advertise your show

Jury Registration Form- To request approval for proposed jury, required for WSP shows 6 month prior to show 

Guidelines for Commissioners for International Shows 

Eblast Policy

After the Show:

WSP Chief Philatelic Judge Show Report Form 

WSP Philatelic Apprentice Evaluation Form 

WSP Chief Literature Judge Show Report Form 

World Series Show Report Form


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