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U.S. Covers, Postal History Documents, Prexies, Postal Ephemera, Official Mail


Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Ireland


Dealer Listing and Info, Magazine Subscription, Online Stamp Show

Bill Barrell Ltd

GB 1d Reds 1841-1880, Advertising Covers, Essays and Proofs, Errors Freaks and Oddities, Fiscal Stamps, Flights, Ireland, Postage Dues, Revenues, Specimens, Stationery

Bj Slusarczyk

United States, Canada, France, French Southern Antarctic Territories, Germany and Colonies

C&H Stamps

Canal Zone, Danish West Indies

Carl Swain

U.S. First Day Covers

CDD Stamps

Great Britain, Space, Aviation, U.S., First Day Covers

Chris Rainey

British Commonwealth, Postage Dues, Censor, Paquebot, Stationery

Connecticut FDC Maven

U.S. First Day Covers, Canada First Day Covers, Japan, Ryukyu

D&P Stamps

British Colonies, French Colonies, Portuguese Colonies, Latin America, Worldwide

Discount Cover Store

Worldwide, U.S. Covers

DK Enterprises

U.S./WW Postal History, U.S./State/Foreign Revenues, U.S./WW Stamps at 1/2 cat, Miltary/Naval/POW/Censored

Don Tocher, U.S. Classics

Confederates, U.S. Military Postal History. U.S. Covers, U.S. Stampless Covers, U.S. State and Local Postal History, Military/Naval/POW/censored, U.S. Postal History

Dragon Cards

First Day Covers, First Day Cover Cards - U.S., First Day Cover Cards - Canada, First Day Cover Cards - Other Countries, Maximum Cards

Drew Fountain Stamps

Canada, Iceland, China, Scandinavia, U.S. Revenue Stamps

Dutch Country Auctions

Monthly AUCTIONS - Online Live Bidding on SAN, U.S. and Worldwide Philatelic Items, U.S. and Worldwide Coins and Currency, Brick and Mortar Store and eCommerce (Webstore Etsy and eBay), Accepting consignments

Eric Jackson Revenue Stamps

U.S. Revenue Stamps, U.S. Telegraph Stamps, U.S. Back of Book, U.S. Possession Revenue Stamps, Canada Revenue and Telegraph Stamps, Revenue, U.S. State/Foreign Revenues, and Fiscal

Fox River Stamps

U.S. Mint, Errors Freaks and Oddities, Plate Number Coils, Duck Stamps, Revenues

Gary Posner Inc.

U.S. Classics, U.S. Back of Book, U.S. Plate Blocks, U.S. Sheets, Want Lists

Gerald Bodily

British Colonies, Essays and Proofs, Specimens, Postal History

Guy Shaw

Latin America, South America, Central America, Mexico

HB Philatelics

U.S., Washington/Franklin's, Essays and Proofs, Federal and State Hunting Permits, Revenues

Hungaria Stamp Exchange

Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Balkans, Baltics

Internet Philatelic Dealers Association

Great Britain, Space, Aviation, U.S., First Day Covers

Irv Miller

U.S. Classics, U.S. Plate blocks, Duck Stamps, Confederates, Appraisals

Jim Forte Postal History

U.S. Postal History, U.S. State and Local Postal History, U.S. Military Postal History

John Sheffield

Internet Bid or Buy Auctions, Canada Stamps, Canada Postal History, Newfoundland and BNA, British Commonwealth

KGVI Stamps

British Colonies, Bermuda, Falkland Islands, Leeward Islands, Malaya States

Logan Stamps

Worldwide, Worldwide Covers, Germany, U.S. Postal History

Manfred Hoffelner

Austria, Germany, Bohemia and Moravia, Poland, Slovakia

Mark Bloxham Stamps Ltd

British Commonwealth, Britain 1840-90


British Mandate of Palestine, 1948 Interim Period, Israel, Judaica, Lundy Island

Nirlay Kundu

Hand Painted cachets Worldwide, Add-on Cachets

Oquist Stamps

Latin America, Nicaragua, Worldwide, Modern MNH, Hand-Painted Covers

Paper History LLC

Postal History, U.S. Stampless Covers

Pederson Stamps

U.S. Postal History, Worldwide Postal History, Advertising Covers, Event Covers, U.S. Stamps, First Day Covers

Polonus Polish Philatelic Society

Poland, Eastern Europe, Worldwide Postal History, Cinderella Material, Topicals, Picture Post Cards and Ephemera

Post Road Company

Worldwide Mint Stamps, Classic Mint Stamps

Read'Em Again Books and Paper

Advertising Covers, Ephemera, Miltary/Naval/POW/Censored, Postal History, U.S. Postal History

Richard Benjamin

Worldwide Postcards and Postal History, Postal Cards, Stamps, Ephemera

SAFE Collecting Supplies

Accessories, Albums, Cover Holders / Sleeves, Dealer Approval Cards, Supplies

Sams Shopping

Fiscal Stamps, Commemorative Stamps, Miniature Sheets, Definitive Stamps, First Day Covers

Spruce Hill Studios

U.S. 4th Bureau, U.S. Booklet Panes Canal Zone (U.S. jurisdiction 1904-79), Philippines (U.S. administration 1898-1945), Cuba 1855-1900 (Spanish Era + U.S. Military Rule)

Srail Stamps

U.S. Classics, Collections/Lots/Accumulations, Errors Freaks and Oddities, Fancy Cancels, Ephemera

Stamp Bay

India Essays, Proofs, Stamps, Covers, Airmail, Errors, Used Abroad, Gandhi

Stamp Collector

Worldwide, Great Britain, Postal History, Topicals, British Commonwealth

Stamp King

United States, Worldwide, British Commonwealth, Brick and Morter Store, Want Lists

Stephen T Taylor

Confederates, U.S. Military Postal History. U.S. Covers, U.S. Stampless Covers, U.S. State and Local Postal History, Military/Naval/POW/censored, U.S. Postal History

Sterling Stamps

Auctions, Retail Brick and Mortar Store, Stamp Shows, Buy and Sell, Consignments Accepted

Steve Malack Stamps

U.S. Mint, U.S. Plate Blocks, U.S. Used, U.S. Graded Stamps, U.S. Sheets

Telah Smith

Worldwide, South America, Latin America, Middle East, Topicals, Scarce New Issues of Obscure Countries

The Classic Cancel

U.S. Covers, U.S. Stampless Covers, United States, U.S. Classics, Fancy Cancels, U.S. Postal History, Official Mail

Trish Kaufmann

Confederates, Postal History

Weisz Stamps & Covers

Postal History, Flights, First Day Covers, Appraisals, Buy and Sell

Worldwide Philatelics

U.S. Stamps, U.S. Covers, U.S. Back of Book, Worldwide, Worldwide Covers

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