Exhibits and Rarities

No other event can offer three grand awards (for National Topical Stamp Show, Americover and APS Stamp Show), three single frame grands, the World Series of Philately Champion of Champions, Most Popular Champion of Champions,  the Youth Exhibiting Championship, a literature competition, and a Court of Honor including rare stamps such as the Inverted Jenny. Plan to attend to peruse more than 800 frames of world-class exhibits showcasing rare and interesting aspects of philately. 



Court of Honor

1-4         Natal from the Collection of Eric W. Mann – Royal Philatelic of London

5-8         Bahamas from the Collection of Louis Bradbury – Royal Philatelic of London

9-16       Development and Usage of the World's First Postage Stamps – Simon Beresford-Wylie

17-24     Victoria – Joseph Hackmey

25-32     Perkins, Bacon, Classic Stamps of the British Empire – Christopher G. Harman RDP, Hon. FRPSL

33-37     Penny Red Imprimaturs from the Record Sheets – Alan Druce

38-45     Mail across the North Sea – Chris King

46-50     Granada Postal Staionery – Simon Richards

51-58     In the Beginning…Timbromanie, The Proliferation of Postage Stamps Inspires a Collecting Revolution
                 – Vince King

59           George W. Linn: Philately's Greatest Showman – Jay Bigalke

61           The Inverted Jenny – APS

62           Dag Hammarskjold Invert – APS

63           George Washington Free Frank – APS

World Series
Champion of Champions

The following exhibits won the Grand Award at a World Series of Philately show during the past two years and are eligible to compete for the title of 2023 Champion of Champions.

203-210               The Handling of Mail in the Confederate States of America by the Confederate Government and
                             Private Individuals from Secession to Appomattox
– Daniel M. Knowles

211-218               Zeppelins & the United States – Cheryl R. Ganz

219-228               The Principality of Serbia - Creation of the Post and Development of the Postal Routes 1830-1882.
                             – William O. Maddocks

229-236               Washington and Franklin Coils Flat Plate and Coil Waste Issues from 1908-1915 – Gregory Shoults

237-246               Mexico First Issue By District: The 572 Stamp Set Challenge – Omar J. Rodriguez

247-256               Lithographed General Issues of the Confederate States of America – Leonard H. Hartmann

257-266               The 1903 Two Cent Washington Shield Issue – Nicholas Lombardi

267-276               Georgia Bicentennial 1933 – Charles J. O'Brien, III

277-284               U.S. Departmentals, 1873 to 1884 – Lester C. Lanphear, III

285-292               Charcot in the Antarctic – Serge Kahn

293-300               The Story of Lloyd's: From Coffee to Commerce – Norma Nielson

301-308               Chile Postal Stationery. Archival Items 1872-1924 – Ross  A. Towle

309-316               St-Pierre et Miquelon, Le Type "Groupe" 1892-1908 – Jean-Jacques Tillard

317-324               The U.S. 1847 Issue: America's First Stamps – Daniel J. Ryterband

325-334               Evolution and Impact of Blood's local post, 1842 to 1862 – Vernon R. Morris, Jr. MD

335-344               Danish West Indies Foreign Mail to UPU – Matthew W. Kewriga

345-349               The New York Postmaster Provisional – Mark Schwartz

350-359               Pan Am Clippers Conquer the Pacific – Jon Krupnick

360-366               The Offset Lithographed Washington-Franklin Heads – Andrew S. Kelley

367-374               Postal Rates during the Gold Yuan Era: The Chinese Hyperinflation of 1948-49 – Hugh Lawrence

375-381               SCADTA Mail from and to Switzerland – George Struble

382-389               The Two Cent Hardings – James Hering

390-397               Canada Small Queens 1870-1897 – Stuart Reddington

398-406               American Heroic Age Polar Expeditions – Hal Vogel

407-416               The 3¢ Connecticut Tercentenary Issue of 1935 and its First Days – Anthony F. Dewey


501                        The 1936 Swedish-Icelandic Vatnajokull Expedition/Mail – Michael Schumacher

502                        The Non-Denominated Domestic Air Letter Sheets of China – Hugh Lawrence

503                        The U.S. Battleship Oregon: A Brief History (1893-1919) – Lloyd Ferrell

504                        La Surcharge SPM Gothique de 1885 – Jean-Jacques Tillard

505                       The 10₵ Copper Plate Engraved Stamps of the Rebel States – Daniel J. Ryterband

506                       Grand Canyon, A.T. Post Office, 1902 - 1912 – Marjory J. Sente

507                       Graf Zeppelin Iceland Flight – James D. Hill

508                        Ship Letter Rates of Ireland: Act of 1711 through Act of 1840 – Patricia Stilwell-Walker

509                        The 1861 One-Cent Franklin Issue - A Study of Domestic Usages 1861-1869 – Keith Maatman

510                        1861 Bicolor Envelope Usage - Unrecognized Rarity – Richard Taschenberg

511                        Death to Mail Robbers – Steven J. Berlin

512-519               Burma - The First Two Issues – Michael Ley

520-525               Aloha! The 80¢ Diamond Head of 1952 – Jon Krupnick

526-535               Canadian Postage Meter Stamps – David Crotty

536-545               Evolution and Development of the USPO to 1799 – Vernon R. Morris, Jr. MD

546-550               Holyland Printed Matter 2nd UPU - May 15, 1948 – Donald A. Chafetz

551-560               Stamps of the Overrun Countries Series – Thomas Schilling

561-570               A History of Nineteenth Century Nepal - Seals and Signatures – Edward Gosnell

571-575               U.S. Military Licenses, Stamps and Usages – Will Csaplar

576-580               Baltimore Postal History: From Colonial Times until June 30, 1851 – Patricia Stilwell-Walker

581-590               Union Occupation Mail – Michael McClung

591-600               AQ Lettersheets of the Republic of Venice: 1608-1797 – Art Bunce

601-610               Canal Zone Provisional Airmails: 1929 - 1931 – Bradley G. Wilde

611-620               The 1924 Arms Issue of Panama – Kurt Streepy

621-625               British & Guernsey Stamps & Their Use During German Occupation 1940-45 – Dr. Andrew A. Mazzara

626-630               Meched Postmaster Provisional Issue 1902 – Khosrow Ghadiri

631-640               Using the Documents of Commerce to Fund the Civil War 1862-1872 – John Lighthouse

641-650               The First Set of the Republic Panama – Frederico Brid

651-659               The Kansas and Nebraska Overprints – Vicky Hadley

660-668               The Rise and Fall of the Grand Trunk Railway - The Big Picture – James Allen

669-675               Newfoundland's 1897 Royal Family and 1908 Map Stamp Issues – Richard S. Wilson

676-683               Delaware Postal History 1732-1847 – Alfredo Frohlich

684-691               Washington & Franklin Coils Rotary Press and Coil Waste Issues 1914-1922 Production and Uses
– Gregory Shoults

692-698               Engraved Hawaii Postage Issued 1864-1893 – Jeffrey Erichson

699-700               Austro-Hungarian Military Mail in the Middle Eastern Theatre During World War I – Zachary Simmons

701-708               The British Non-Denominated MachinDefinitive Series: 1989-2022 – Stephen McGill

709-716               Great Britain - Postal Reform and Development of the Penny Value 1810-1880 – William Barrell

717-721               British and Irish Telegraph Development 1851-1901 – Brian Callan

722-725               Flag Covers Rallied Southern Pride in a New Nation – Randy Smith

726-730               Undeliverable Mail in the Netherlands 1852-1989: Auxiliary markings to document effort and explain
                              reason of return
– Ben H. Jansen

731-734               Posthorn Postal History: Uses of the 1951 Definitive Series of West Germany – Dickson Preston

735-742               Geographic Expansion of Commercial US Mail to Foreign Destinations via Airmail (1920-41)
– Murray Abramson

743-750               Britain's Marvelous Machins – Stephen McGill

751-758               Evolution of Territorial Michigan:1792-1837 – Cary E. Johnson

759-766               The Documentary Revenues of Haiti: 1807-1957 – Charles J. G. Verge

767-774               U.S. Christmas Stamped Mail: 1962-1975 - Not Just For Cards – Kathryn Johnson

775-782               Restoration of the Ethiopian Posts: 1941-1952 – Ulf J. Lindahl

783-790               Liberia's Postal Stationery of 1881-1920 – Bryant E. Korn

791-798               Origins of Western Union Telegraph and the Transformation of Written Communication 1835-1975
                              – Philip Leber

799-806               Persia, 1902 Provisional Typeset Issue of Teheran – Behruz Nassre-Esfahani

807-812               Postage Due of Mandate Palestine 1918-48 – Howard Rotterdam

813-816               A study in the design of Queen Victoria postage stamps during the 19th Century – Donald Bourassa

817-819               Canada's Embossed Stamps 1974-1981 – Clarence Stillions

820-825               Mail Between USA and France in World War II (1939-1945) – Louis Fiset

826-831               Finland Postal Stationery with 1875 Stamp Design – Kauko I. Aro

832-837               The Development and Use of the Provisional Issues of South Vietnam – Emory Earl Toops

838-840               An Introduction to Local Post: San Diego Local Post – Renato Luansing

841-846               1800's - 1920's Postmarks of Hungary. Shown in the Evolution of Hungary Post World War I
                               – Lesley Lorant

847-852               Coping with Adversity: Confederate Covers in a time of paper shortage – Randy Smith

853-858               Little Known Pearl Harbor Ships - without postal facilities – Lloyd Ferrell

859-861               A Postal History Map of the United States of America – Chip Gliedman

862-866               Zanzibar WWI – Gary DuBro

867-871               Mail Through the Amazon Basin until the Emergence of Airmail – Roger Van Laere

872-875               The Evolution of Hawaiian Circular Date Stamps to 1900 – Gannon Sugimura

876-879               United Nations Conference on International Organization, San Francisco, 1945 – Blanton Clement, Jr.

880-881               Souvenirs From Stockholm – Robert Benninghoff


901                        "Combo" First Day Covers of the Fourth Bureau – James Hering

902                         Introducing Singular First Day Covers (Canadian) – John G. McEntyre

903                        The 30¢ Roosevelt and 50¢ Taft Prexies Used Together – Michael Ley

904                        Bi-Color Prexie First Day – David S. Ball

905-906               This Phizzog: The Faces and Facets of Carl Sandburg – Cynthia Scott

907-909               Bret Harte: Originator of the Western Romance – Cynthia Scott

910-912               Dorothy Knapp Airmail First Day & Aviation Event Covers, 1941 - 1950 – Bob Helms

913-915               Weird Stuff First Day Covers – Lloyd A. de Vries

916-918               The Life of Sam Gompers – Howard Rotterdam

919-925               The Amazing Cachets of Tom Mueller – Anthony F. Dewey

926-931               The U.S. Children's Friendship Commemorative of 1956 – Kerry Heffner

932-937               (Almost) A Century of Minnesota First Days – Todd Ronnei

938-946               The Vermont Sesquicentennial Issue and Its First Days – Robert S. Edson

947-950               1988 65¢ H.H. "Hap" Arnold Great Americans Series Stamp – Basil L. Copeland, Jr.

951-958               The G.A.R. and U.C.V. Issues: Their First Day Covers and Uses – Kathryn Johnson

959-968               Covers of the Overrun Countries Series – Thomas Schilling

969-978               The 15¢ 1978 Viking Mars Issue – Ralph H. Nafziger

979-986               Smokey Bear Issue of 1984 – Rick Gibson

987-994               The Iwo Jima Stamp of 1945 - Its First Days, Cachet Variations & Use – William N. Kelly

995-1004             Hand Drawn and Hand Painted Cachets by Water Color Artisit Vaughan Hord - 1980-1993
– Kurt W. Laubinger

1005-1014           Joint Issues with the United States – Charles J. O'Brien, III

1015-1022           The FDCs of the 1959 Commemorative for the Centennial of the American Dental Association
                             – Charles J. G. Verge


1101                      The Eradication of Smallpox – Roger Van Laere

1102                      United Nations Special Committee on Palestine - 1947 – Fran Adams

1103                      Bram Stoker's Dracula – Thomas Lera

1104                      The U.S. Postage Designs of Artist Howard Koslow – Timothy Bergquist

1105                      Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf – Elizabeth Hisey

1106                      Major League Baseball in Cleveland: Where the Games Were Played – John M. Hamman

1107                      Cleveland - The Group Plan of 1903 – Phillip J. Stager

1108                      Armenian Scented Paper (Papier d'Armenie) - From Incense to Commodity – Igor Grigorian

1110                      Overnight Stay in Yellowstone National Park – Elizabeth Hisey

1111-1112           Mayflower's Historic Voyage – Fred Pritchard

1113-1115           Abraham Lincoln - Then and Now – Ardis Quick

1116-1118           Laitière Flamande - The Flemish Milkmaid – Roger Van Laere

1119-1121           Böhmen und Mähren: Nazi Propaganda in World War II Czechoslovakia – Martin Kent Miller

1122-1125           Victims of the Divine Wind – Laurie Bernstein

1129-1131           The Book of Hours - A Medieval Bestseller – Susan Jones

1132-1134           The Coelacanth and the Comores – Susan Jones

1135-1139           Let's Talk About Mental Health - "Starting the Conversation" – Meena Abhay Mutha

1140-1144           Unusual Place Names, Uncommon Postmarks, Unordinary Articles. United States Postmarks and
                              Precancels with Animal Names
– Greg Balagian

1145-1150           Odor-able Stamps – Pepe Le Pew

1151-1156           An Introduction to the Evolution of Plants – Christopher Dahle

1157-1162           Walt Disney's Richest Superstar: Scrooge McDuck – Edward Bergen

1163-1168           Cleveland - The Lakefront & Cuyahoga River – Phillip J. Stager

1169-1175           Egypt of the Pharaohs – Leroy Crain

1176-1182           The Invasion of Ukraine and Philately – Glenn Roehrig

1183-1189           The Lion - Most Symbolic Animal of All – Greg Balagian

1190-1195           The World's Capital - The United Nations Headquarters – Greg Galletti

1196-1200           Blood: A Modern Medicine – Jean Wang

1201-1205           The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Origins, Development and Ramifications
                              – Christopher Dahle

1206-1213           All Aboard! A Grand Tour - American Style, 1915 – Dawn R. Hamman

1214-1223           Mohan to Mahatma: Gandhi's Life and Legacy – Raj V. Rajan

1224-1225           Glider Philately Through the Ages – Jane Snowdon

1226-1235           Woody Guthrie:  His Life and His Songs – Stephen L. Suffet

1236-1243           "The Match of the Century" - A Philatelic Extravaganza!! – Michael Schumacher

1244-1248           Pre-Christian Armenia: From Origins to Acceptance of Christianity. – Igor Grigorian

Most Popular

1302                      The Philatelic History of the Archipelago of Tui Tui – Kristen Shafer

1303-1306           Raven Story First Day of Issue – Eric R. Knapp

1307-1314           The Evolution of Outbound Foreign Mail Cancelled in New York City 1845-1878 – Nicholas Miles Kirke

1315-1323           Hawaii Postal Cards to Germany 1882-1900 – Dennis Jackson

1324-1328           Abraham Lincoln's Life and Legacy – Dawn R. Hamman

1329-1336           Women of the Black Heritage Series - From the Fields of Slavery to the Halls of Congress
– Mark Thompson

1337-1346           The U.S Alphabet-Denominated Rate-Change Series, 1978-1998 – Anthony F. Dewey


1401                      The Life of St. Patrick in  Ireland – Laurelei Fox

1402                      Defying Alleviated World Hunger – Sahitya Setty

Youth Champion of Champions

1403                      Youth Championship Intro – AAPE

1404-1408           Olympics - Bird's Eye View – Jaagruthi Nithin Adka

1409                      Coffee! Early Cancellations and Slogans in Latin America and the Caribbean – Adhyatman Agarwala

1410                      Ecuadorian Slogan-Based Covers Related to the Ecuador-Peru Border Conflict of 1941
                              – Adhyatman Agarwala

1411                      Railroad Perfins Used on Covers – Sjon Brejtfus

1412                      Elephants of the World – Naina Dhawan

1413                      Judo Techniques featured throughout the Olympics – David Geyfman

1414                      Dog Sledding in Alaska – Xander Haislip

1415                      CUPCAKES – Christina Esbeck

Literature Entries:

Literature Title
Article A Cammann Imprint Discovery that Changed a Catalog Listing, Plus Insights on Dr. James T. Patterson
Article Breadfruit is Found on Numerous Stamps
Article Cachet Artist: Verna Mann - That Cover Artist
Article Introduction to Trinidad & Tobago Semi-Postal Stamps
Article Martial Law & Censored Mail in Poland 1981-1982
Article Philately for Non-Philatelists: 4 Articles in Non-Philatelic Journals
Article The Crown of Hungary - Was it Prepared for the Armenian King?
Article The Miracle of Bern: West Germany and the 1954 World Cup
Article The Sikorsky S-38 in the British West Indies
Article WWII Patriotic Covers of Victory, Vermont (3 Part Series)
Catalog New Mexico Territorial Postmark Catalog, 11th Edition
Column Exploring Astrophilately
Column Stamp Collecting Column
Electronic Air Crash Mial of The World
Electronic India's Special Edition Stamps 1947-1980
Electronic www.CollectorsNZ.co.nz
Electronic www.Paleophilatelie.eu - the place where Paleontology and Paleoanthropology meets Philately
Handbook Christmas Seal and Charity Stamp Society Tied-On Seal Guide
Handbook Focus On Fakes
Handbook Himalayan Birds on Stamps
Handbook Hypnostamp: Uncovering The Healing Power Of Postage Stamps
Handbook Jean-Baptiste Charcot in the Antarctic
Handbook Natural Disasters on Postage Stamps: A Guide for Collectors
Handbook PERU - The Scenic View Cards 1898-1901 - A Postal Stationery Odyssey
Handbook Philatelic Shangri-la: New York Stamp Taxes on Bonds, 1910-1920
Handbook Poste Restante at the Cape (2 Volumes)
Handbook Tasmanian Postal Stationery
Handbook The 50th Anniversary of "The Match of the Century" A Philatelic Look
Handbook The Congress Book 2022
Handbook The Development of the Ethiopian Posts 1894-1909: The Exhibit
Handbook The United States Fourth Bureau Issue 1922-1938
Handbook The Uses of U.S. Postage Due Stamps and Their Substitutes, 1879-2023
Handbook Wellington Philatelic Society - The First 100 Years
Society Journal La Posta: The Journal of American Postal History
Society Journal "238", Journal of the Faroe Islands Study Circle
Society Journal ARPA Journal
Society Journal Bulletin of the Polonus Polish Philatelic Society
Society Journal Duck Tracks
Society Journal Empire State Postal History Society Publications
Society Journal Mexicana
Society Journal NJPH, Journal of the New Jersey Postal History Society
Society Journal Possessions, Vol. 64
Society Journal The Airpost Journal
Society Journal The Album Page
Society Journal The Czechoslovak Specialist
Society Journal The Israel Philatelist
Society Journal The News of Hungarian Philately
Society Journal The Posthorn
Society Journal The Ration Board
Society Journal The Upland Goose

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Mark E. Banchik, CA
Sam Chiu, ON Canada
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Regis Hoffman, PA
Ed Kroft, ON Canada
Matthew E. Liebson, OH
Peter P. McCann, FL
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Jay Stotts, TX
Joel Weiner, AB Canada

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