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No other event can offer three grand awards (for National Topical Stamp Show, Americover and APS Stamp Show), three single frame grands, the World Series of Philately Champion of Champions, Most Popular Champion of Champions,  the Youth Exhibiting Championship, a literature competition, and a Court of Honor including rare stamps such as the Inverted Jenny. Peruse more than 800 frames of world-class exhibits showcasing rare and interesting aspects of philately. 

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800+ Frames of Philatelic Exhibits to be on display

List updated as of 3/10/20

Exhibit Title
Expansion of U.S. Airmail to Foreign Destinations (1922-1941)
Murray Abramson
History of Ecuador - Peru Border Conflict (1830-1998) Adhyatman Agarwala
United States 3¢ 1851 Issue: The First 15 Months, Plates and Colors James Allen
The Inverted Jenny American Philatelic Society
George Washington Free Frank American Philatelic Society
Dag Hammarskjold Invert American Philatelic Society
The Lion - Most Symbolic Animal of All Greg Balagian
The Philatelic History of the Shepheard's Hotel - Cairo William L. Barclay
Maritime Mail Routes from Colonial Victoria John H. Barwis
Creation of the Border Between Two Irelands 1914-1925 Robert M. Benninghoff
Walt Disney's First Super Star: Mickey Mouse Edward Bergen
Walt Disney's Second Super Star: Donald Duck Edward Bergen
The Essays and Proofs of Guatemala - Excluding Designs by Arnoldo Chavarry Michael Bloom
Designs of Queen Victoria Stamps in the 19th Century Donald Bourassa
2¢ "Liberty Head" US Revenue Tax Stamp, 1875-1883 John D. Bowman
America's Embossed Revenue Stamped Paper / 1755-1856 Roger S. Brody
Hubert Wilkins - Australian Pole to Pole Pioneer Brian Callan
United States Beer Stamps 1866-1919 Louis Caprario
United States Large Numeral Postage Due Essays Harry K. Charles, Jr.
The United States Defense and War Savings Stamps: 1841-1945 Harry K. Charles, Jr.
The Massachusetts Island Counties Postal History to 1890 Douglas N. & Nancy B. Clark
The Philately of Rhodesia and Nyasaland 1954-1964 Christopher Dahle
The Aspirations of Pumpkins George DeKornfeld
Same Birthdate and Same Deathdate Jack Andre Denys
Colonial Williamsburg Jack Andre Denys
DURER LIVES! The Afterlife of Albrecht Durer Jack Andre Denys
The 3¢ Connecticut Tercentenary Issue of 1935 and its First Days Anthony F. Dewey
A Postal History of Hartford, Connecticut as US Post Office: 1792-1897 Anthony F. Dewey
The Stone Bridge of Hartford, Connecticut and its Predecessors: 1810 to Mid-1940s Anthony F. Dewey
The "Settling of Connecticut" Postal Card of 1986 Anthony F. Dewey
Quaker Charity During Black '47 William Duffney
Select Connecticut William Duffney
The Stephen Daye Press Stamp Robert S. Edson
Roosevelt's Blue Buzzard Charles J. Ekstrom, III
Out of the Water Closet - The Evolution of the Flushing Toilet Charles J. Ekstrom, III
The Art Stamps of France John Fitzsimmons
Delaware Postal History 1773-1847 Alfredo Frohlich
Chile - The Rouletted Issues 1877-1899 Alfredo Frohlich
Great Britain and the League of Nations Greg S. Galletti
The United Nations 1962 Housing Issue - a FDC Exhibit Greg S. Galletti
Postal Markings of the Hong Kong "China" Overprints Ian Gibson-Smith
The United States of America as seen through Postal History Chip Gliedman
Mail Routes of Rupert's Land, British North America Chip Gliedman
He Built a Business Empire with Ostrich Feathers Dawn R. Hamman
The Jewel City - Postcards of the Panama Pacific International Exposition Dawn R. Hamman
First Day of Issue Flown Mail Bob Helms
The Two Cent Hardings James Hering
The USA 3¢ Denomination: Design and Uses from 1861 to 1869 Jan H. Hofmeyr
The 3¢ Iwo Jima Stamp and It's First Day Covers and Uses William N. Kelly
The Postal History of the GOA World War II Internee Mail Charles LaBlonde
The Connecticut Tercentenary Stamp of 1935 Peter LaPlaca
Using the Documents of Commerce to Fund the Civil War – 1862-1872 John C. Lighthouse
Hussey's Post Larry Lyons
Imperial & Republic of China Official Postal Seals H. James Maxwell
The 1943 Poland Flag Stamp of the United States Overrun Country Series James P. Mazepa
Moveable Box Mail Under The Anglo-French Postal Conventions Douglas McGill
The 3¢ Susan B. Anthony Issue Kristine McIntosh
The 3¢ 1948 Progress of Women Issue Kristine McIntosh
U.S. Vended Postal Insurance (1965-85), A Failed Experiment Alan L. Moll
Phillumeny Meets Philately Alan L. Moll
Hungary: The Hyperinflation 1945-1946 Robert B. Morgan
The 3¢ 1936 Oregon Territory Issue Ralph H. Nafziger
The Dual Currency Issues of Persia, 1881-1887 Behruz Nassre-Esfahani
Georgia Bicentennial Charles J. O'Brien, III
The Lexington-Concord Issue of 1925 Charles J. O'Brien, III
Sesquicentennial Exposition Charles J. O'Brien, III
Frank Lloyd Wright- First Days and Usage of the 2¢ Issue Charles J. O'Brien, III
Postal History of the Original Thirteen Colonies Timothy O'Connor
World War I Comes to the German Mail in Shantung, China Louis P. Pataki
Early History of the German East Asia Cruiser Squadron, 1895-1900 Louis P. Pataki
Forerunners of the Holyland Robert B. Pildes, MD
Famous Americans Gheorghii Plugari
Toledo Postal Markings 1837-1874 David Plunkett
Canada Small Queens 1870-1897 Stuart Reddington
"Special" Booklet Paper Printings of 1928 Robert G. Rufe
A Country Divided: Effects of the American Civil War on the Mails Daniel Ryterband
Postal Markings of Great Britain, 1700-1844 Thomas Slemons
The US 1917 Five Cent "Red Error" Harold M. Sollenberger
The Coconut Palm, Palm of Life & Palm of Commerce Phillip J. Stager
The Royal Palm Phillip J. Stager
Twelfth World Jamboree Postal Card First Day of Issue Michael Strother
Rates and Usages of the U.S. 3-Cent Circular Die Stamped Envelopes: 1917-1960 Stephen L. Suffet
Prostitute Revenues of Rosario de Santa Fe Benedict Termini
Women of the Black Heritage Series - From the Fields of Slavery to the Halls of Congress Mark Thompson
Provisional Issues of South Vietnam and Their Use: 1963-1980 Emory Earl Toops
History of the American Paper Industry, 1815 - 1901 Albert Valente
Blood: A Modern Medicine Jean Wang
Northern Ireland Regional Stamps Issued in Short Format Brian Warren
Usages of U.S. Coils Issued in the First Decade of the 21st Century Robert Washburn
The Sun, Myth, Science, Effects, Culture Anthony Wawrukiewicz
A History of the American Indian Lan Qing Zhang


View Listing of Literature Exhibits

Listing of Literature Exhibits that will be displayed:

List updated as of 3/16/20

Literature Title Exhibitor
Tyrannosauraus Rex: On Our Stamps and On Our Minds Joel I. Cohen
Commemorating Nikolai I. Vavilov Joel I. Cohen
The Israel Philatelist Donald A. Chafetz
Vermont Philatelist Glenn Estus
Captain James Cook: Third Voyage 1776-1780 First Day and Event Covers (Volumes 1 & 2) Daryl Kibble
The "Suzhong Pictorial" Stamps of 1945-46 Hugh Lawrence
1998 XVI Commonwealth Games Lik Lim
The Congress Book 2019 Kenneth Trettin

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