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No other event can offer three grand awards (for National Topical Stamp Show, Americover and APS Stamp Show), three single frame grands, the World Series of Philately Champion of Champions, Most Popular Champion of Champions,  the Youth Exhibiting Championship, a literature competition, and a Court of Honor including rare stamps such as the Inverted Jenny. Peruse more than 800 frames of world-class exhibits showcasing rare and interesting aspects of philately. 

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800+ Frames of Philatelic Exhibits to be on display

List updated as of 6/19/19

Exhibit Title
1919-2019:Baseball Before, During & After Jackie Robinson's 100th B-Day
Cohen, Joel
20-cent U.S. Flag of 1981
Lindemuth, Tim
25 cent Honeybee- From Design to Postal Usage
Thompson, Robert E.
A Fiscal History of the U.S. Documentary Taxes 1898-1902 Sente, Frank L.
A History of the North American Indians
Zhang, Lan Qing
Alexander Hamilton: Soldier, Financier, Statesman, Founder
Congrove, Jack R.
Allied Forces Cancellations in Palestine During World War I 1917-1921
Weiner, Joel
Allied Military Government Issues of Germany (AMG's)
Peter, Harold E.
Aloha! The 80 cent Diamond Head Stamp of 1952 EXACT INTENDED USE: Shipping Flowers and Plants by Air From Hawaiian Nurseries to U.S. Mainland
Krupnick, Jon E.
Aloha...Diamond Head Archives Krupnick, Jon E.
ATA by Numbers
Felts, Vera
ATA Topical Tidbits
Hamman, John
ATA: First 70 Years
Felts, Vera
Atlantic Puffin: Icon of the Isle of Lundy
Van Laere, Roger
Backyard Chickens- Raising Chickens at Home, Then and Now
Hamman, Dawn R.
A Bighorn Booklet of 1982: Exploring a Late 20th Century Issue
Lindemuth, Tim
Buffalo Bill and Pawnee Bill, Two of a Kind
Kramer, George J.
Burma- The First Two Issues
Ley, Michael
Burma: The Issues of the Republic 1948 to 1962
Ley, Michael
Canal Zone Second (First Definitive) Air Mail Series
Ammons, Paul F.
Candid Philately Brown, Josiah
Cats on Stamps Study Unit
Jarvis, Marci
China's U.S. Constitution Commemoratives: Through-the-Line Usages
Maxwell, H. James
Confederate States of America, The Lithographed General Issues
Hartmann, Leonard
Cuba: Errors and Varieties, 1899-1962
Codina, Arturo A.
Dahlke U.S. Air Mail Envelope
Gorley, Marvin
Danish West Indies Foreign Mails: 1748- UPU Kewriga, Matthew
Delaware Postal History 1773-1847 Frohlich, Alfredo
Denmark's Postage Stamps 1.1.1851 to 1.1.1875
Grosjean, Warren
Development of Chinese Imperial Post Office 1897-99, Transformation From Custom Post Chiu, Sam G.
Development, Organization and Operation of Argentina's Railroads: 1857-1947
Goodwin, Paul B.
Early Okinawa Stamps, Stationery and Postal History
Weiss, Gary B.
Establishing the United States' Transcontinental Air Mail Service, May 15, 1918-June 30, 1924
Jones, Allen Don
Filling a Void- Private Mail Service in the Oregon Country
Forster, Dale
Foreign Volunteers with the German Military in WWII
Miller, Phil
Frank Lloyd Wright- First Days and Usage of the 2 cent Issue
O'Brien, Charles J.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt - A Gifted Collector
Baltzell, Bob
Free To All - America's Public Libraries 1833-1960
Nix, Larry
Games of the Xth Olympiad - Los Angeles 1932
Klinkner, Conrad
Gay and Lesbian History on Stamps Study Unit ShowcaseGerman Afrika Korps
Foster, Lisa
German Afrika Korps
Miller, Phil
Graphics Philately Association
Rosenblum, Larry
Great Britain Penny Red Stars, 1850-64; World's First Perforated Postage Stamp
Farah, Juan L.
Hats, Protection- Identity- Fashion
Andrews, Dr. Edwin J.
Hawaii Perforated Royal Portraits Issued 1864-1893
Erichson, Jeffrey
History of Incense and Armenian Scented Paper (Paper d'Armenie)
Grigorian, Igor
History of the Borders of Peru and Bolivia
Van Laere, Roger
Hyperinflation in Germany in November 1923 Meyerotto, Marcus
Iceland's 1937 Commemorative Stamps & Block Issue Honoring the Silver Jubilee of King Christian X's Reign
Schumacher, Mike
In the Name of the Lion
Balagian, Greg
Letters to the Stars
Hoffman, Regis
Liberia's Lithographed Stamps of 1860-1892
Korn, Bryant E.
Lima 1821-1884, Republican Postal History Until Early UPU Marquez, Henry
Lost Almost: The Los Alamos, N.M. Post Office and WWII
Youngblood, Wayne
Made in England
Bridges, Eddie
Magical World of Stamp Collecting Booklet Devine, Aimee
Mahatma Gandhi: 150 Years of Life and Legacy (1869-2019)
Rajan, Raj V.
Making of Whitetail Venison Sausage
DeKornfeld, George
Men's Gymnastics: Dressed to Win
Maestrone, Mark C 
New Orleans in the Confederate Postal System Weisz, Doug
New York World's Fair 1939
O'Brien, Charles J.
Newfoundland's 1897 Royal Family Issue and 1908 Map Issues
Wilson, Richard S.
Pan Am Clippers Conquer the Pacific
Krupnick, Jon E.
Penguins on Stamps Study Unit
Stout, Jean
Persia, Qajar Postal Stationery, Issued 1875-1925
Nassre-Esfahani, Behruz
Point Arena Lighthouse … Lighting the Way!
Anderson, Laurie
Postal History of the 1861 United States 24-cent Adhesive
Faux, Robert J.
Postal History of the Examiner Markings, Type EM-7, used at the General Post Office in New York City, 1902-1920
Schuetz, Wayne D.
Postal History of the Original Thirteen Colonies
O'Connor, Timothy
Postal Rates and Usages of U.S. Parcel Post Postage Due Stamps on Domestic and International Mail - 1913 to 1928
Saadi, Wade E.
Postal Rates during the Gold Yuan Era: The Chinese Hyperinflation of 1948-49
Lawrence, Hugh
Postal Routes between China and North America 1867-1945
Zhang, Lan Qing
Pottawattamie County, Iowa Post Offices
Bahnsen, Steven
Pre-Christian Armenia From Origins to the Temple of Garni
Grigorian, Igor
Prisoners of War Mail - Fort Delaware 1862-1865
Frohlich, Alfredo
Rates & Routes of Religious, Commercial, Royal and Military Mail
Rajan, Raj V.
Rates and Usages of the U.S. 1-Cent Presidential Series Stamp, 1938-1958
Suffet, Stephen L.
Rates During the Post-War Chinese National Currency Era
Maxwell, H. James
Revenue Stamped Paper of the Spanish American War Tax Era Hohertz, Robert D.
Rings of Glory: The Olympic Symbol as Philatelic Motif
Griebling, Tomas L.
Sports Philatelists International
Maestrone, Mark C.
Superman: Celebrating 80 Years of an American Icon
Berquist, Timothy
Sweden's Shield Type Postage Stamps 1855 to 1858
Grosjean, Warren
Tennis - From Game of Kings to Sport for All
Jacobs, Jr., Norman F.
The "Special" Booklet Paper Printings of 1928 Rufe, Robert G.
The 1903 Two Cent Washington Shield Issue Lombardi, Nicholas
The 1910 Centenary Issue of Colombia Cruz, Santiago
The 3 cent Iwo Jima Stamp and It's First Day Covers and Uses
Kelly, William N.
The 3-cent 1935 Imperforate Wisconsin Tercentenary Issue
Nafziger, Ralph H.
The Chemistry of the War Time Admiral
Judge, Richard
The Coelacanth and the Comores
Jones, Susan B.
The Development of the Confederate States of America (CSA) POstal Service From Secession to Appomattox Knowles, Daniel
The Development of the Ethiopian Posts: 1894-1919
Lindahl, Ulf J.
The Display and Proper Use of the U.S. Flag - Honoring Old Glory!
Stout, Jean C.
The Eagle Has Landed
O'Brien, Charles J.
The Evolution of Outbound Foreign Mail Originating in New York City 1845-1878
Kirke, Nicholas M.
The First Postal Issues of Spanish Antilles
Kouri Jr., Yamil
The First Viewcards of Turkey Corapcioglu, Darren
The Great War Internment Camps of Canada
Powell, J. Michael
The Guano Trade: Boom and Bust, 1845-1879
Goodwin, Paul B.
The Iconic Voyages of Charles Darwin, Luke Skywalker & Campbell's Hero
Cohen, Joel
The Kansas and Nebraska Overprints
Hadley, Vicky
The Leticia Incident
Adams, Francis
The Life Story of Norway One 3.1.1885 to 17.8.1857
Grosjean, Warren
The Non-Denominated Domestic Air Letter Sheets of China
Lawrence, Hugh
The Postage Due Issues of Peru 1874-1948 Wooster,  Charles C.
The Road to Apollo 11 - Man's First Landing on the Moon
Cartier, Ray E.
The Story of Lloyd's: From Coffee to Commerce
Nielson, Norma
The Sun, Myth, Science, Effects, Culture
Wawrukiewicz, Anthony
The Transcontinental Railroad Milgram, James W.
The Trucial States: Palm Trees and Dhow Series of 1961
Toops, Emory Earl
The Two Cent Hardings
Hering, James S.
The U.S. Children's Friendship Commemorative of 1956
Heffner, Kerry L.
The United Nations Precancel
Dewey, Anthony F.
The War Rate: 1815-1816
Dewey, Anthony F.
The Western District of Upper Canada: The Development of POstal Communications and Postal Markings Leigh, Rob
Trains, Components-Types-Uses-Renown
Andrews, Dr. Edwin J.
Transcontinental Railroad
Kramer, George J.
Types and Usages of the Cockrill Registered "U.S. Sea Post Markings" 1904-1939
Schuetz, Wayne D.
U.S. Departmentals, 1873 to 1884 Lanphear, Lester C.
U.S. Flag: Long May It Wave In Honor And Glory
Plugari, Gheorghii
U.S. Jet Plane & Globes Airmail Issue: Rates & Usages
Davis, Steve B.
U.S. Mail To, From, and Through GB 1840-1875
Bommarito, Carol A.
U.S. Philately (It's Depth, Breadth, and Diversity)
Guerrant, E.J.
U.S. Postal Cards of the Spanish-American War Period, 1898-1906
Bussey, Lewis E.
Usages of the Ten Cent Trans-Mississippi Issue of 1898
Eveleth, Linda
Use of U.S. Parcel Post Stamps, 1913-1926 Ward, Gregory S.
Uses of the 1908 U.S. Coils
Hadley, Mick
Walt Disney's First Super Star: Mickey Mouse
Bergen, Edward B.
Walt Disney's Second Superstar: Donald Duck
Bergen, Edward B.
Warsaw Postal Administration: First and Second Provisional Issues November 1918 to June 1919
Mazepa, James P.
When Ostrich Plumes Were All the Rage
Hamman, Dawn R.
Women of the Black Heritage Series - From the Fields of Slavery to the Halls of Congress
Thompson, Mark
World Rarities & Uniquities Hotchner, John
View Listing of Literature Exhibits

Listing of Literature Exhibits that will be displayed:

List updated as of 05/20/2019

"The Story Behind the 20 cent Flag Sliced to the 17 cent Electric Auto"

"The Jackie Robinson Story in Stamps- A Philatelic Centenary Celebration, Part I: Ballplayer and Humanitarian"

"Commemorating Nickolai I Vavilov - A Personal Study of Philatelics, History, and Science"

"Rachel Carson & The Great American Series"

Catalog of Private Express Covers, Labels and Stamps

Concise Catalog on United States Variable Denominations Stamps (1989-2018)


First Days

Florida Postal History 1763-1861

From Smyrna to Izmir: Everyday Life

Haiti Philately

Ice Cap News

International Postage Meter Stamp Catalog

Japanese Canadians in World War II: Censored Mail from the Uprooting in British Columbia

Journal of Sports Philately

LPS Journal: The Journal of the Liberian Philatelic Society


Mexico's Revenue Stamps, The Digital Version

NJPH, Journal of the New Jersey Postal History Society

Postmarked Paris, Texas

Rossica, The Journal of the Rossica Society of Russian Philately

Specialized Catalog "Local Stamps (Provisionals) Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, USSR 1918-1922, 1931"

Stamp Collecting Column

The Czechoslovak Specialist

The Hague Peace Conference of 1899- Postcards of the Conference

The Israel Philatelist

The Meter Stamp Society Quaterly Bulletin

The Philatelic Communicator Volume 52 2018

The Philatelic Gourmet

The Posthorn

Topical Time

Under Three Flags, The Postal History of the Spanish-Cuban/ American War (1895-1898)

United States Postage Meter Stamp Catalog

What's First? From Abacus to Zebra: The First Time Topics are Depicted on Postage Stamps

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