The APS's popular Stamp Chat series, started in 2020, has brought more than 100 episodes of stamp programs to collectors around the world.

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December 5 - Episode 12

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Launching StampEd:

Who speaks to the newcomers to the stamp collecting community? Who reaches the online, younger collectors?

Meet StampEd, the new, free digital magazine designed to serve just these new collectors, while also sharing the wealth of resources and expertise belonging to the largest national stamp collecting organization in the world.

What an amazing opportunity for us to take a big step forward – one the APS has dreamed about for years. StampEd - everything for the next generation of stamp collectors – curious, ar-tistic, energetic, crafty, and most of all, genuine.

Join Editor-in-Chief Susanna Mills as she discusses the new magazine, outreach and marketing beyond the current membership of the APS, and what you can expect from StampEd.

Recent Episodes


November 21 - Episode 11



Alzheimer's Awareness Month: Philately and Philanthropy

“How a lifelong love of stamp collecting became a tool to help save lives”

In this Stamp Chat, we'll be joined by APS member Doug Friedman, who turned a lifelong love of collecting in life-saving funds for Alzheimer's Disease research. 

This Stamp Chat complements Doug's October 30 article from the APS website, "Turning My Hobby Into a Benefit to Mankind," part of a three-part series adapted from his column "My Hobby Became a Life Saver!" It also coincides with Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month in November.

Friedman began this endeavor in 2019 by offering donors to his Alzheimer's fundraising campaign something from his collection – not necessarily stamps, but beautifully designed souvenir envelopes and special items worthy of framing. He continues to support the Alzheimer's Association and his promise of special items from his collection to any donors as a thank you.


October 31 - Episode 10


The Philately and Deltiology of Walpurgisnacht and the Hexentanzplatz

We wrapped up National Stamp Collecting month on Halloween night with Ron Breznay’s spooky tale about Walpurgisnacht and Hexentanzplatz - that's Walpurgis Night and the "Witches' Dance Place" for all you non-German speakers out there. Ron is a long-time stamp collector from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania; he collects worldwide, but semi-specializes in United States, Confederate States, and Canada, and has topical collections of horror, Alfred Hitchcock, and summer on stamps. This Stamp Chat is about postcards, stamps, and postal history related to Walpurgisnacht and the Hexentanzplatz, the plateau high above the Bode Gorge in the Harz mountains in Germany, where supposedly, Walpur-gisnacht was observed in ancient times. Hold onto your broomsticks for this one! .




October 24 - Episode 9




Stamp Collecting 101, Part 2

In this StampChat, APS Director of Expertizing Ken Martin returns to share his philatelic expertise with new stamp collectors. This Stamp Chat builds on Part 1 (October 10) by tackling slightly more advanced topics – while still remaining firmly rooted in the basics. Part 2 will feature an extended Q&A portion, so be sure to come prepared with your entry-level philatelic questions for Ken!


October 17 - Episode 8



Behind the Scenes: Curating Clash of Empires

Alex Haimann has never met a stamp or cover he didn’t like. He is a collector of pre-1947 United States stamps and a variety of U.S. and worldwide postal history areas, and presently serves on the Council of the Royal Philatelic Society London. Alex has been a major supporter of the Young Philatelic Leaders Fellowship program since its inception in 2008, and has served the American Philatelic Society as the chair of the Board of Vice Presidents (2013-16) and the chair of the Campaign for Philately Committee (2016-2022). His primary collecting area focuses on all aspects of the 1879 Anglo-Zulu War, and on October 17 at 7 p.m. Eastern, Alex will take us behind the scenes of his experience curating his “Clash of Empires” museum exhibition hosted by the Royal Philatelic Society London this past July.


October 10 - Episode 7


Stamp Collecting 101, Part 1

APS Director of Expertizing Ken Martin – also known as the “Swiss Army Knife of the APS” – shares his wealth of experience and collecting knowledge in Part 1 this two-part talk designed to introduce new stamp collectors to the basics of philately (and provide a refresher for others). Ken began as a volunteer for the APS as a student in 1980, became a full-time staffer in May 1995, and has worked practically every job in the Society, from sales and shows to education and administration. He’s a philatelic chief judge and a collector and exhibitor of blood donation philately – a passion that mirrors his real-life commitment to blood drives and donation events. For this Stamp Chat, topics will focus primarily on the beginning of the stamp collecting experience – the basic language and definitions of philately and how to acquire, handle, and store stamps. There will be plenty of time for questions from the audience, so come prepared to supercharge your stamp journey with help from Ken’s 43 years of experience with the APS.


October 3 - Episode 6



UN Philately, From FDR and the Four Freedoms to the UN EXPO 2023

Join Greg Galletti and Fran Adams as they explore everything you need to know about the upcoming UNEXPO 2023 being held in Bellefonte, PA. on October 20-21, 2023, as well as the origins and evolution of the United Nations from its beginnings as an extension of FDR's principles of The Four Freedoms.

September 26 - Episode 5



Researching a Cover's Story

Join Dr. Frederick Lawrence FRPSL — international award-winning exhibitor, judge, consultant, columnist, and all-around Scouting on Stamps expert — as he shares his perspective on the life of a cover. In Dr. Lawrence's own words: “Every stamp, every cover in our collections and in our exhibits has a story, of how it came to be in our temporary possession, and who owned it before us, and where it has been, and when it was there." In this episode of Stamp Chat, Dr. Lawrence will explore a Mafeking siege cover to find its story — and discover the stories of the covers in your own collection.

August 20 - Episode 4


Topical and Thematic Collecting and Exhibiting with Dr. Jean Wang

Join Dr. Jean Wang – APRL Trustee, Grand Award-winning exhibitor, and leukemia researcher – for a guided tour of the ins and outs of thematic and topical collecting and exhibiting. Whether you’re an emerging philatelist branching out into topical collecting or an established collector looking to learn more about exhibiting thematic philately (or anything in between), this Stamp Chat offers a wealth of information for collectors of every level.