APEX QuickID Service Has Been Discontinued

The Quick ID Service was originally established to identify stamps that were not easily found in the usual catalogs and for stamps that were difficult to identify even with the catalog descriptions.  As the APS Expertizing Service (APEX) has been working towards faster turnaround times for processing items, we decided to terminate the Quick ID service in order to focus on processing APEX submissions in a more timely manner.

Need help identifying stamps?

If you have items you need help identifying, consider one of the other identification services mentioned below. Or connect with a local APS Stamp Club or APS Dealer member near you.

Other services may provide help, note some identify in specific specialty areas:

 Or, if you’re the do-it-yourself style collector, or simply don’t have clubs or dealers near at hand to help, you might want to check the Expert column in the January 2019 American Philatelist (page 56), which examines some of the basic steps in identifying postage stamps and some excellent online sources that can help.




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