Coins and Stamps - Better Together!

The American Philatelic Society and the American Numismatic Association are proud to join together in November 2023 for a special joint issue of The Numismatist and The American Philatelist. Welcome, members of the American Numismatic Association!

The joint issues feature articles authored by both APS and ANA members that cover a wide range of topics of interest to coin and stamp collectors alike.

The American Philatelist features:

"A Match Made in Heaven" by Kenneth Bressett (ANA)

"Printed on Both Sides," by Dr. Paul Holland (APS). Excerpted in The Numismatist, published in full in The American Philatelist.

"Another Day, Another Coin on a Stamp," by Jeff Stage (APS). An AP exclusive about collecting the popular topic "coins on stamps."

The Numismatist columns, including "Getting Started," "Tokens & Medals," "Paper Money," "U.S. Coins," and "Budget-Minded."

"A Hidden Treasure" by Ladd Faszold (APS). An AP exclusive about an unlikely inverted surcharge on a normal USS Constitution cover.

"Was this Rebel Stamp a Political Statement" by Daniel Telep (APS). An AP exclusive about an odd Confederate States stamp usage years after its use was banned.

Many entertaining and informative features have been chosen to bring the two issues together, along with a welcome to the issue co-authored by APS Editor-in-Chief Susanna Mills, and The Numismatist Editor-in-Chief Caleb Noel. APS President Cheryl Ganz and ANA President Thomas Uram also spoke on the future of our two hobbies and those things that make us similar.

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ANA members can order print copies of The American Philatelist for $6.95 plus shipping from the APS Publications shop.

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