Our Story: Give "The American Philatelist" to our next new member!

Our Story: Give "The American Philatelist" to our next new member!

First: Ditch This Magazine!


Just leave the magazine for someone to find and share the American Philatelic Society and our great hobby with them.


Okay, you can read The American Philatelist first. We know this is one of the great benefits of belonging to the APS and the most popular. In survey after survey, this journal is identified by nearly 100% of our members as a key benefit. More than 90% of APS members read The American Philatelist every month. It is the most widely circulated magazine in the hobby, and we want that number to get even larger.

Even in this digital age, 70% of adults have read a print magazine in the last 30 days, and 51% have read two. There’s a pretty broad audience that could use this magazine!

Why am I asking you to give up one of your favorite benefits? Because October is National Stamp Collecting Month, and there’s no better time to share our hobby with others.


Here is your mission, if you choose to accept it: on your next doctor’s visit, oil change or even interstate rest stop leave the magazine behind. If you use social media, take a picture of where you leave it and share it with #JoinMyAPS.

You can leave a note inside the magazine telling them why you collect or belong to the APS. If you leave it near where you live, include local APS stamp club information, meeting times and contact information. You can even leave a stamp or cover to get them started. Just make sure to remove the peelable address label or black it out before you leave the magazine.

APS members remain our number one recruiter. It is your passion for us and for collecting that brings more members to our organization. Celebrate National Stamp Collecting Month and the APS by sharing it with someone new.

Second: Read This Magazine and Join Us!

If you’ve just discovered our magazine, it’s because our members love the APS and left behind our most popular member benefit. If you’re not a stamp collector, I invite you to join this friendly community and a great hobby for every age, individual and interest.

We have included a membership application in the back of the magazine for you to remove, copy and return completed to us. You can also become a member by going to our website, www.stamps.org and joining online.

You don’t have to be an expert to be a member, but we have many among our over 27,000 members worldwide. Join the APS and you will not only receive this monthly magazine; you’ll buy and sell stamps through StampStore or our home delivery service. You’ll enjoy learning for collectors of all levels, either in person or on our website. You’ll connect with a world of APS dealer/members, stamp clubs in your area and specialty groups across this continent.

We host more than 2,000 issues of outstanding stamp journals in our Digital Library, including every American Philatelist since 1887. Access the American Philatelic Research Library and its great staff for information on any stamp hobby topic. We list stamp shows around the country and host annual national stamp shows every August. In 2020, we’ll be in Hartford, Connecticut, for another must-see event. In this issue, you can read all about our most recent show in Omaha, Nebraska, hosting thousands of enthusiastic collectors and APS members.

There are even more benefits you’ll discover along the way to make your annual membership well worth the investment. Our goal is to help you buy and sell with confidence, learn more about the hobby, enrich your specific collecting interests, and join our community of friends today. Discover why we’ve proudly served collectors for more than 133 years!

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Editor's Note: The column was published in the October 2019 issue of the American Philatelist. We will be posting the columns of APS executives on this website to provide updates about American Philatelic Society. Membership information is available through this link.


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