Together We Grow

Our community of members, dealers, local clubs and affiliates are vital to the success and growth of the APS and our hobby. That’s why APS invites everyone to join our “Together We Grow” membership campaign.

Introducing new members to the APS introduces them to our entire network, strengthening our connections and the hobby overall.

Just think how strong we could be if….. 

  • Each individual member recruited just ONE new member;
  • Each dealer recruited a few customers; and
  • Each club/society recruited several from their own membership roles.


"Individually we are one drop, TOGETHER we are an ocean." - Ryunosuke Satoro


Participation is simple:

  1. Share your collecting story and what APS membership means to you
  2. Use the recruiting tips and promotional tools provided below
  3. Recruit new members

Referral Incentives:

For each new member you refer between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021 and you will receive:

  • $5 credit - use towards next year's dues, shopping for stamps, or receive a check once a $25 threshold is reached.
  •  Sponsor at least five new APS members during the campaign, you will also get one year's FREE dues.
  • An entry into a monthly drawing for a $25 APS gift card plus a gem from the APS Stamp and Gift Shop
  • An entry into a drawing for a free Life APS Membership - a $750 value!  The date of the drawing will be announced in early 2022.

Don’t Forget!

Make sure the new member writes your name in the referral section of the membership application, otherwise it won’t count toward the campaign or incentive gifts!

Recruiting Tips

The best way to recruit new members is to share your collecting story and emphasize what APS membership means to you – make it personal!  Every story shared is a chance to welcome a new collector to our community.

Recruiting new collectors can be as simple as:

  • Share your collecting story and give an application to join to a friend;
  • Share a stamp with someone of a topic of interest (does your colleague love cats, lighthouses, Star Wars….give them a stamp of the topic);
  • Share a podcast story, an interesting article or a copy of “The American Philatelist”;
  • Share why you are a proud member of APS or about an APS service that really helped you;
  • Share resources from – U.S. New Stamp Issues, event calendar, buying and selling opportunities, etc. and invite them to join online.
  • Invite a friend to come along to a stamp show or club meeting;
  • Invite others to interesting online Stamp Chats;
  • Post something fun about your collection on social media or at work on the bulletin board – you may spark interest or find colleagues that also collect.

Recruiting Tools

There are several ways you can help promote membership in the APS:

  1. Propose a member with our online form
    Use the online Proposer Form and provide the names and addresses of those you would like to propose, we will send information to join with you listed as the  sponsor.
  2. Use FREE Business Reply Cards
    Pass out or distribute business reply cards in mailings to your collector friends or customers.  Click for more details.
  3. Email or share our pages
    While visiting, you may come across something you enjoyed viewing and want to share it with a friend. Most browsers will share the link via email by clicking "File" in the upper left corner and selecing "Email a Link" or "Send Link by Email".  Use the email to share the link and invite them to join listing you as the sponsor. 
  4. Join our social network and share the news
    The APS is on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can connect online then share a post or tweet about our services.
  5. Request membership forms
    Perhaps you have like-minded collector friends, or you attend a local collector group, society or club. You can request brochures and membership forms from the APS to pass on to your friends and contacts. Or, you can print a .pdf version. Be sure to write your name in as the sponsor.
  6. Add a signature block to your email
    If you send email or use online forums, you could add a message to your signature block. Example - "Proud to be a member of the American Philatelic Society".

Campaign Rules

There are a few rules that apply, click to view

  1. New member applications received from January 1 to December 31, 2021, will be valid for entry.
  2. The following membership categories will be eligible: Regular, Associate, Junior, Chapter.
  3. Gift memberships must be completed and accepted within the time limits of the contest.
  4. Reinstated memberships are not eligible for entry, but reinstated members may be eligible if they recruit new members.
  5. New member applications must be accepted – rejected member applications will not be entered.
  6. Only members in good standing will be eligible to win the free life membership.
  7. APS Chapters are eligible to participate. If a chapter wins and is alreadcy a life member, we encourage awarding to a chapter member.
  8. Members of the APS Board of Directors, APRL Board of Trustees, and APS employees are not eligible to win a free life membership.
  9. Current APS Life Members are eligible to participate and win the drawing. If a Life Member is chosen as a drawing winner, they will instead receive a $750 APS credit or may donate to the APS or APRL.



Contact APS at or call (814) 933-3803.


Monthly $25 Drawing Winners:
  • January – Karen Rowe, VA
  • February – Joseph Zec, MA
  • March – David Fordham Jr., NV
  • April – Irving Adams, PA
  • May – Anthony Mancuso, NC
  • June – Brian Holthouse, AR
  • July - Mark Rosenberg, NC
  • August - Bobby Liao, CA
  • September - Michael Mules, WI
  • October - Peter Hoffman, Bellmore, NY


Thanks everyone and keep recruiting! Every new member strengthens our hobby.


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