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FIP Details

Further information on the International Federation of Philately (FIP) is available, visit their website http://www.f-i-p.ch.

Steven Schumann
International Committee Chairman
2417 Cabrillo Dr.
Hayward, CA 94545

International Shows

Below is a list of international (FIP recognized) shows open to participation by U.S. residents who are members of the APS. These shows may be held at most once every ten years in any one country and typically last a week or longer. Requests for booth space and exhibit entries are typically due a year or more in advance. Interested dealers should contact the organizers at the address listed. Exhibitors usually must apply through their own country's commissioners. When known, the contact information for the U.S. commissioners is included for the shows where entries are still being accepted.

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October 21-26, 2016
Chinese Taipei
PHILATAIPEI 2016 World Stamp Exhibition
International Show

Exhibiting Info:

General World Philatelic Exhibition

Event Location: Taipei, Chinese Taipei
Contact:Commissioner: Dr. Ross A. Towle, rosstowle@yahoo.com
Contact address: 400 Clayton Street, San Francisco, CA 94117

All Exhibit  Classes Accepted

May 24-28, 2017
International Show
Exhibiting Info:

 FEPA (European Federation) exhibition with the USA invited to participate

Event Location: Tampere, Finland
Contact:Stephen D. Schumann, sdsch@earthlink.net
Contact address: 2417 Cabrillo Drive, Hayward, CA 94545, United States

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the independence of Finland

August 3-7, 2017
International Show
Exhibiting Info:

Specialized World Philatelic Exhibition

Event Location: Bandung, Indonesia
Contact:US Commissioner: Elizabeth Hisey, lizhisey@comcast.net
Contact address: 7203 St. John's Way, University Park, FL 34201
Note:All classes except Aerophilately, Astrophilately, Maximaphily and Revenues

April 14-20, 2018
International Show
Event Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

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