The APS Hall of Fame honors deceased philatelists who have made outstanding contributions to philately.


The Hall of Fame was established at the 1940 APS Convention by President Rollin E. Flower following the suggestion by Eveleen Severn that outstanding deceased philatelists be honored just as the APS Luff Award honors outstanding living philatelists. The Luff Award was first given at that convention.

The first fifteen members of the APS Hall of Fame were elected at the 1941 Convention. They were chosen from a list of 44 nominees drawn up by the Hall of Fame Committee. From 1942 until 1988, three members could be elected annually. In 1989, new rules allowed the election of one additional long deceased outstanding philatelist.

The rules for election to the APS Hall of Fame are:

  • Only deceased persons can be nominated,
  • The nominees must have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of national or international philately.

Each year the Hall of Fame Committee selects nominees, and reports its recommendations to the APS President along with documentation. The APS Board of Directors then elects the new Hall of Fame members.

The Hall of Fame Members

The Hall of Fame members are listed alphabetically in a special section. The alphabetical list includes each member's year of election. The name of each member is linked directly to the biographical section. These sections lists the member's philatelic biographies chonologically by his or her date of election. The philatelic biographies include birth and death dates, geographical location, and a photograph.

An Appendix is included which defines abbreviations and acronyms used in the biographies. The major philatelic awards are also listed and described.

Further information about the members of the APS Hall of Fame can be obtained from the APRL catalog. Most of the information sources used in preparing the philatelic biographies are currently listed under "biographies" in the APRL catalog. The rest will be added shortly.

Hall of Fame Nominations

All APS members are invited to suggest nominees for the APS Hall of Fame. Please send the name of the person suggested with reasons for the suggestion to:

American Philatelic Society
100 Match Factory Place
Bellefonte, PA 16823
c/o Awards Committee

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