American Philatelic Society

Luff Award

The most prestigious award presented by the American Philatelic Society to a living philatelist for distinguished contributions - to Philately, to Research, and to the Society.

Hall of Fame

Honors deceased individuals for outstanding contributions to philately.

Volunteer Recognition Awards

Recognizes the outstanding efforts of our volunteers at national and local levels; and recognizes our younger members whose outstanding leadership is crucial to our future.

Kehr Award

Bestowed annually upon an individual for enduring contributions that help to guarantee the future of the hobby.

USSS - Barbara R. Mueller Award

To recognize the best article to appear in The American Philatelist.

Thomas F. Allen Award

For the best article published in a single year of The Philatelic Literature Review.

Charlie Peterson Award

For furthering philatelic knowledge through philatelic literature.

David Straight Award

For the best paper presented at the Winton F. Blount Postal History Symposium that year.

John Walter Scott Dealer Award

To recognize a dealer who has contributed to the efforts of the APS and the hobby.

Century Award

Granted throughout the year to individuals for exceptional membership recruiting. Recipients receive an engraved plaque.

25 and 50 Year Members

Members who attain 25 and 50 years of continuous membership are recognized each year at StampShow or the Winter Show. Members who cannot attend either show receive their recognition by mail in September.

Writers Unit Hall of Fame

Awarded by the Writers Unit in recognition of outstanding service and scholarship by authors, editors and publishers.

Star Route Awards

The annual website and newsletter competition for APS Chapters and Affiliates. The competition is the APS's opportunity to put a spotlight on the hardwork Chapters and Affiliates do to sustain and grow the hobby. 

Articles of Distinction

For APS Chapters and Affiliates to honor their authors by hosting an annual "best article" competition, with the winners highlighted on the APS website.

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