Stamp Smarter website is a gift to the modern, digital-age collector

Stamp Smarter website is a gift to the modern, digital-age collector

One of the foundational goals of the American Philatelic Society is to prioritize the future of the stamp collecting hobby. The annual Kehr Award is awarded by the APS to a philatelist whose work significantly contributes to that goal. The 2019 Kehr Award will be presented to Don Denman on September 15th by APS Executive Director Scott English, in recognition of his efforts to preserve and share philatelic knowledge widely through the Stamp Smarter website.

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Don J. Denman has spent thousands of hours compiling information and files into a digital philatelic library which is available to the public as the Stamp Smarter Philatelic Learning Center website ( Stamp Smarter is inviting, easy to navigate, and filled with educational content from corner to corner. Features include an interactive "This Day in History Philatelic Calendar," an illustrated glossary of philatelic terms, a library of free resources, games, and useful tools to help beginners and experts alike identify stamps, colors, cancels, plate blocks, and more. We recommend you spend some time exploring the many free resources on this website and share the link with other collectors.

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Stamp Smarter is designed to appeal to digital-age collectors who prize connectivity, speed and ease of access in their pursuit of stamps and covers, and has many outstanding features with which to serve them.

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In 2018, Denman also created the La Posta website (below). He lives in North Carolina with his wife, Dawn, and has been a dedicated stamp collector since the 1970s. His other passion is collecting and restoring Studebaker cars.

La Posta Denman

About the Kehr Award

The Kehr Award is presented annually by the APS for enduring contributions that help guarantee the future of the hobby. The award is named for Life Member Ernest A. Kehr, who distributed tons of philatelic materials to Veterans' Hospitals as head of the Stamps for the Wounded program, "and, as a newspaperman, probably produced more lineage to support philately than any other person in history." His 1947 book, Romance of Stamp Collecting, was a hobby standard for new collectors for decades.

Established in 1991, the APS Kehr Award recognizes one living philatelist each year who, for a period of at least five years, has demonstrated one or more of the following: 

  • Making philately attractive as a hobby to newcomers
  • Working directly with newcomers, especially young people
  • Developing and administering programs aimed at recruiting newcomers


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