APS Club Benefits

Is your club an APS member?

Chapters have been an integral part of the APS since its founding. Now more than 400 local stamp clubs in the U.S. and several other countries are APS Chapters. Membership dues for an APS Chapter are the same as for an individual member of the Society. With a nucleus of just three individual APS members, your own club may become an APS Chapter and benefit from the many services offered to club by the APS.

To Become a Chapter - Complete a chapter application on-line or send in the .pdf application.

The APS Supports Its Chapters by Offering:

Monthly Journal
For the benefit of all Chapter members, The American Philatelist is sent to each Chapter. Regular features include new discoveries, specialty columns, "how-to-do-it" articles, original research monographs, and feature stories by outstanding philatelic writers. Also members as well as your club memberships can view The AP online!

Club Directory Listing
All APS clubs are listed in our online Local Club Directory. The directory shares information about your club with fellow collectors who may be looking to connect with others in their area. The listing includes contact information and your meeting time/location.

Calendar of Events Listings
APS Chapters may publicize information about their sponsored exhibitions in the special "SHOW TIME" section of our monthly magazine and in our online events calendar. Click here for Event Calendar details.

Stamp and Cover Approvals
Is your club looking for meeting ideas? As an APS chapter, you can request Sales Circuits to share at your meetings. It is a great way to help members purchase material for their collections. See the Sales Division online information for more details.

The APS has officially selected Hugh Wood, Inc. as its official member insurance carrier. Rates are very reasonable and cover a variety of options. For more information, please dial toll-free in the US: 1-888-277-6494. Full details are at http://www.hughwood.com/.

Accredited Judges
The APS has an established exhibition judging program. Nearly 125 accredited judges are available to serve at Chapter exhibitions. Most Chapters like to use APS-accredited judges for their exhibitions, with local members serving as apprentice judges and thereby gaining valuable experience and competency toward meeting the APS judging accreditation requirements. Click here for Accredited Judges

Using the Research Library
Chapters may utilize the vast resources of the American Philatelic Research Library. This is a great educational resource for club meetings. A nominal fee is charged to cover the costs of book loans and photocopies of short articles. Any requests for book loans by non-APS members must be through an APS member in good standing who will be responsible for return of the borrowed materials or via inter-library loan. The Library publishes a quarterly journal, Philatelic Literature Review, to which APS Chapters may subscribe. Visit the Research Library

Awards and Medals

  • Medals of Excellence and Research Award - available to WSP Shows.
  • Chapter Exhibition Medals - available for Chapters to award as they wish at their own philatelic exhibitions.
  • Club Sparkplug Awards - recognize those members who provide the energy that keeps your club moving!
  • Nicholas G. Carter Volunteer Recognition Award - The ultimate award for a local club volunteer is the Carter Volunteer Recognition Award for local promotion/service, named for the former APS President. Chapter status of the nominating club and APS membership of the nominee are not requirements. Nominations are accepted throughout the year and are retained for up to three years.
  • Articles of Distinction - for Chapters and Affiliates to honor their authors by hosting an annual "best aticle" competition and submitting the winning article for all to enjoy.

Mailing List Discounts
Special pricing available to clubs to purchase mailing lists to promote membership or invite local APS members to your next show. Mailing lists can be requested via our Request Form

One eBlast per Year
Send out one e-mail message per year for any World Series of Philately show, chapter or affiliate per the guidelines.

Recruiting Benefits
APS promotional business reply cards also are available for distribution at meetings, at exhibitions, or in Chapter mailings. Interested collectors mail the post-paid cards to the APS requesting detailed information about Society memberships. The Chapter receives credit for all new memberships resulting from this recruiting technique. One year's free dues or the equivalent credit may be earned by Chapters for every five new APS members sponsored during a calendar year. The APS also can help a Chapter recruit new members. Upon request, the APS makes available the names and addresses of APS members residing in the locale served by the Chapter (see mailing list info. above) .

Club Meeting Flyers
Advertise your upcoming club meeting or stamp show with flyers provided in 8 1/2 x 11 format - click here to view available flyers.