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SAKURA Catalogue of Japanese Stamps 2022

By Japan Philatelic Society (JPS). 368 A5 pages, color illustrations. Published by JPC foundation, April 2021. ISBN: 978-4-88963-854-7. Price 2250 yen (includes shipping), available from JPS shop at Or from Books Kinokuniya.

Reviewer: Anker Nielsen

APRL Locator: [G7960 .A1 J35 2017]

The SAKURA Catalogue of Japanese Stamps 2022 is the standard catalog for Japanese stamps with full color illustrations and English names of all stamps. The SAKURA numbering system is used in many places, such as auctions or ISJP ( publications – it is not a traditional numbering based only on date of issue. Rather, it is split depending on the type of issue – definitive, commemoratives, prefectural series, etc.

For specialized collectors, there is a first of a new series of catalogs in full color and with both Japanese and English text, Japanese Stamp Specialized Catalogue 1876-1908, from JPS in October 2020, ISBN 978-4-88963-844-8. It includes both stamps and stationery and gives prices for variants and different types of mails or destinations. For thematic collectors there is a six-volume series, Thematic Japanese Stamp Catalog from JPS covering different themes. For example, plants, animals or sports on Japanese stamps with full color and Japanese text. Review of the volumes can be found in the Japanese Philately journal from ISJP.

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